Scrapbook Paper Cutters
& Trimmers

You will find a vast assortment of Scrapbook Paper Cutters and
Trimmers available in several types & styles & many price ranges.

The Available types are the Rotary, Guillotine Cutter, and Slide bar.
There are also some that have dual types, like the Purple Cow 2 in 1
which has both the Rotary and Guillotine type cutters in one unique cutter
that actually comes into 2 pieces. Great for storage or taking to crops.

A great Scrapbook Paper Cutter is essential to producing great
scrapbook pages and cards.
I use mine everyday and would be lost with it.

The Pricing of Paper Cutters and Scrapbooking Paper
Trimmers of is usually dependent on the number of features
included on the trimmer. If there are cutting blade options
in addition to the straight cut, like perforation, scoring,
deckle edge, postage stamp edge, wavy edge, etc. and, of
course, the size of the trimmer.

I actually have several. One I take to crops because it is
light weight, packs well and will cut a 12 inch piece of
scrapbook paper. I have another if I am cropping a lot of
photos which is even smaller, but has a really good blade.
I have another that will cut with the various types of
blades that I use for making borders and paper ribbons.

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Paper Cutters & Trimmers.

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