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We are just starting up our Scrapbook Advice Readers Card Gallery to give our readers a place to post your own Cards and Creations and to have your own page on our site.

I would like to give our readers a broader view of what can be created using the supplies and tools currently available for card and scrapbook making OR your own use of something not initially intended for paper-crafting.

We will collect comments and rate your cards (if you want us to) and ultimately you can compete for some Gift Cards or Card Making Goodies for the highest rated layouts.

We will start the Readers Card Gallery with

Christmas or Hanukkah Holiday cards and creations.

And a special link to post your Card and Layouts that use

Michael Strong Cloisonne Stamps

Check out his cool use of recycled catalog pages for stamping backgrounds at

Cloisonne Stamps for Christmas Cards

And if you haven't seen Michael's Cloisonne Stamps, check out his catalog at

Michael Strong Catalog

And if you haven't yet seen how his stamps are designed in such a way that they can be cut apart and used for additional designs, check out his

Cloisonne Vase Images.

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