Encaustic Wax Store

Encaustix Wax Painting

Here in the Scrapbook-advice.com Encaustic Wax Store, you will be able
to review and purchase items and supplies to use for your encaustic
wax painting and crafts, like Craft Iron Tools, Hot Pens, Brushes
Encaustic Wax Sets, Blocks or Tins of Wax, Instructional Books
and DVD's and even find a book for your Kindle!

The sets are a perfect way to start your Encaustic art work with
absolutely everything you will need,
including one electric hot palette,
hot air gun, bristle brushs, instructional DVD, wood painting
panel, masonite panels and Hot Cakes paint set.

The Wax Blocks and Wax Tins come in 86 different colors which can
be purchased individually or in sets.

Even if you are not an artist, you can create wonderful, unique and
interesting art projects with the items in the Encaustic Wax Store.
Check out our Encaustic Wax Tutorial
to see just how easy it is and to get some close up views of what
can be produced.

I will warn you, however, as this is a little addictive.

Our Encaustic Wax Tutorial tells you the origin of the technique and
also has links to several videos by a professional who shows you just
how this technique is done and how very easy it is.

Have fun with your projects.

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Amazon.com. All orders go through Amazon's secure order server.
If you have any questions, please Contact Us.

Check out the Encaustic Wax Tutorial

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