Scrapbook Paper Storage

from Display Dynamics

Display Dynamics has wonderful  Scrapbook Paper Storage Trays that can stack and store your paper in a very small location.  

Their products come in trays to accommodate  12 x 12 paper and 8 & 1/2 x 11 paper as well. 

Trays can be  stacked flat or tilted at a slight angle.  They can be added to a Single or Double Base and Casters can be added to make your paper stash mobile.

You can purchase Trays with Lips so that if you stack them at an angle, the papers will not slide out.  Or, you can purchase  Trays without Lips.   

The Lipless Trays are great for adding Drawers that can have dividers added to keep small embellishments sorted and easy to see and access.


Our Scrapbook Paper Tray Store below has a selection of Storage Tray Items from Display Dynamics that I am sure you will enjoy using in your Craft Area.

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