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The Scrapbook Adhesives Store will provide you with an assortment of Adhesives for all aspects of your Scrapbooking and Paper Crafting needs.

We have all types of Scrapbook Adhesives & Removers, Glue Sticks, Book Binding Glue, Tape Runners, Adhesive Paper Stacks, Wacky Tac, Pioneer, Tombo, ATG (Artist Tape Gun), Red Line Tape, Foam Adhesives, Photos Squares, Magnetic, Glossy Accents, Stickles Glitter Glue, Aleen's, Photo Corners, Keepsake Envelopes, Liquid Pearls, Xyron Adhesive Cartridges & Laminating Items.

Scrapbook Adhesives & Removers
Paper Craft Adhesives

Personally, I keep an assortment of these Papercraft Adhesives on hand. I just never know if I am going to need some Red Line Tape (also known as "Extra Sticky Tape") to attach micro beads, or some Stickles to add Bling, or maybe some old fashioned Photo Corners for some Heritage photos that I discovered recently.

Maybe I'll need a Keepsake Envelope for a lock of hair or a chunk of brick from a famous building that was demolished. (Yes, I have actually done both.) Or maybe some Foam Adhesive to add some depth and dimension. It's just nice to know what's available to use.

Archival Protection

If you are thinking about scrapbooking items such as original newspaper clippings, magazines, original recipes, handwritten letters, original report cards, your child's original artwork, manuscripts, posters and even maps, or anything that is not on acid-free paper, please consider checking out the Archival Protection section of the Scrapbook Adhesives Store. These products will prevent your original document from yellowing and becoming brittle over time.

Acid in paper will cause it to yellow along the edges, so these products will provide a non-toxic and permanent alkaline buffer that will help to preserve your original documents from poor aging and to keep the colors bright for years to come. A little like a fountain of youth for these items, that I have heard will keep your treated items fresh and bright for at least 5 times longer than non-protected items.

Ph Testing Pen

If you are not sure weather the item you want to store in your scrapbook album needs archival protection, test it first with a PH Testing pen. These are very simple to use, just mark on your paper and if the mark turns purple you will not need to use any Archival Protection. If the mark remains clear or turns yellow, it means you need to use some Archival Protection to get the best and longest life from your paper item.

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