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We have recently added the Glitter Ritz Store to our site because I fell on love with this product when I discovered it.

This great Product is called Glitter Ritz. I have found the micro-fine glitter to be very easy to work with and it leaves a glittery shine that laves your project flexible and doesn't come off and end up all over you.

Basically, lay down whatever type of adhesive you plan to use on your project. For borders and straight lines, I use the Sookwang Score Tape which is double sided tape with a paper film on one side, but any flat adhesive should work to adhere the glitter to. If I want to cut shapes, with either a punch or a die from Spellbinders, I use the wider Sookwang Tape which comes in wider widths. I personally like the 3" width.

Another option is to used double sided stickers which come in packages with many options of shapes and designs.

I sprinkle my Glitter Ritz over the top of the tape strip, sticker or cut out shape. I tap off the excess onto a paper or into a Tidy Tray so the leftover Glitter Ritz can be put back into the container.

Then I burnish the Glitter Ritz with my finger to bring out the color and enhance the shine. The coverage of glitter becomes very smooth on the surface and I have found that the glitter does not fall off my project later.

The Glitter Ritz comes in 60 great colors, and we have a lot of them available in our store below.

There is also a Glitter Ritz called Cool Highlight and Warm Highlight. These can be used on top of your art work and are somewhat transparent allowing your art to show through but with the Bling on top.

All the jars in our Glitter Ritz Store contain 11 grams.

Try using some of these great velvet and metallic stickers on your glitter projects.

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