Do you need Scrapbook Advice?
Help? Tips? Layout Ideas?

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?Need Scrapbook Advice?

Do you want to scrapbook, but aren't sure where to start?

Are you overwhelmed by all the products?

I've been Scrapbooking for over 30 years and will gladly help you with any of your Scrapbooking Questions.

We will look at Scrapbooking for Beginners and Advanced alike, scrapbook help, scrapbook ideas & supplies, scrapbook layout ideas to use in your heritage scrapbooks, themed books, tools, embellishments, rubber stamping & embossing, card making and even take a look at some new & interesting products.

As a long time scrapbooker, I often wonder what it's like for someone who wants to start scrapbooking now or who wants to do a book for a gift or to document a special vacation, party or event in life.

There are so many products out there - seems like new ones weekly - they sometimes overwhelm me. I read that there were over 27,000 new scrapbook products introduced in 2008! I find that hard to wrap my brain around!
So, where in the world do you start?

Not the creative type? .... Don't Worry!

We can provide you Free Scrapbook Advice, Help, Ideas and

Scrapbook Tutorials

for beginners to advanced.

Start Simply with just the Scrapbook Basics. Check out our easy 10-step Scrapbooking Basics at our

Scrapbooking for Beginners
Quick Start Guide

We have over 70 pages of themed layouts from Air Force to Zoo, showing over 1800 examples, with the supplies, embellishments & techniques used at

Heritage Scrapbooking
& Themed Books


We have a section devoted to Digital Scrapbook Advice with about 80 examples of what can be done with the new Digital Format.

Digital Scrapbooking

Or, we will do your Scrapbooks or Scrapbook Pages for you.
Check out our

Custom Scrapbook Designs

We have a number of Stores to purchase and review some of the products we show in our layouts. The stores are sponsored through Amazon at

Scrapbook Advice Stores

We also have a section devoted to Rubber Stamping at

Rubber Stamping

and Embossing at

Rubber Stamp Embossing

We even have a number of Photography Tips from the Pros divided up by the things you might like to photograph at

Scrapbook Photography Tips

You can check out some quick previews of books at our

Scrapbooking Layout Gallery

Don't forget to Scrapbook about Yourself - the person who is always behind the camera. We have monthly challenges to start you off with some great ideas.

Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts

Or, use the

"Contact Us at"

form to
get some personal assistance through e-mail.

.... All you have to have to be a success with a scrapbook is the desire to want to document some of those special moments. If you can use tape, scissors (NO! You don't have to cut a straight line) and a ruler (There's the straight line) and if you have a few photos, you can do it!

Here's some scrapbook advice on how to get started, what Scrapbooking Tools you need to start, ideas and layouts, places to purchase and find Scrapbook Page Kits, papers, and Scrapbook Embellishments, or ready-made books and layouts and if all else fails, even some links to internet Favorite Scrapbooking Sites. We will even link to places that have ideas for storage of photos and organizing your scrapbook supplies at

Scrapbook Supply Storage

Ready? Let's Go!
This is going to be a blast and you will have a great creation to keep for yourself or family or to give away.
I bet you'll keep it, or at least want to!

So let's get started with the Scrapbook Advice!

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Digital, too!

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10 Easy Steps
to a
Great Scrapbook

Quick Start Guide

1. Gather Photos

2. Pick Color

3. Determine Theme

4. Pick the Papers

5. Collect Basic Tools

6. Cut Photo Mattes

7. Test Fit

8. Embellishments

9. Add Journaling

10. Fill your Album

Some Things To
Be Careful About
or Avoid.

Scrapbooking Don'ts
Rubber Stamping Don'ts
Card Making Don'ts
Photography Don'ts

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Scrapbook Storage!
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