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The Recipe Scrapbook Store can help you find the right items to use when putting together a Family Recipe Scrapbook. Many of our comfortable and honored Family Traditions center around cooking and the wonderful recipes that are handed down from generation to generation.

If you are considering a Family Recipe Scrapbook consider also some of these tips for making your book successful and one that is actually used.

Recipe Scrapbook Store Things to Consider

1.     Size of Book -  8 & 1/2 x 11 is a great size to consider.    Not too big to handle in the kitchen but big enough to hold the recipe, journaling, a photo or 2, and embellishments. Consider also other sizes, like 6 x 6 and 8 x 8. The Recipe Scrapbook Store below has some of these by various designers.

2.     Binding of the Book - a 3-ring or 2-ring binder might be better so you can add pages as necessary (new recipes join the list of favorites) or even take them out of the book to use for cooking.  Or, you can copy them to pass on to someone else or make a copy of the whole book. 

3.     Page Protectors - after all, these are going to be used for cooking!

4.     Cardstock - using a heavier weight background rather than just scrapbook paper will make your pages more substantial and better able to withstand use in the kitchen.  A decorated card stock sheet can also be used as divider page for your sections.

Recipe Scrapbooking Items to Consider on each page

1.   Recipes of Course

2.   Photo of the Completed Dish

3.   Photo of the Cook - in any venue - it doesn't have to be in the Kitchen or at the Grill, but that would be great. Think about a photo of the Cook at one of their hobbys or favorite places.

4.   History about the person or the dish and how they came to be associated with one another. Example: Mom got this Chocolate Pie recipe from the Waldorf Astoria (Paid $1.00!) shortly after she was married and makes it every year for my Dad's Birthday.

5.   Interesting memories surrounding the dish or events in which it normally appears.

6.   Embellishments on the pages - These can be from purchased items like stickers and pictures of the ingredients to items found at home or belonging to the Cook. The Recipe Scrapbook Store below also has a nice assortment of these.

7.   Dividing up the Book into Segments - you can do this like regular recipe books: Appetizers, Entrees, Vegetables, Soups & Desserts, or, since this may be a family book, divide by Holidays or Occasions, or even by Cook. Example: Grandmother's recipes, Aunt Charlottes' Recipes, and Family Friends Recipes.  

Recipe Scrapbooking Proofreading and Finalizing

1.   Proof read your recipes and text.  

2.   Read the instructions and speak with the Cook when directions are fuzzy.   Make sure the instructions are really there - "Mix until well blended" or "Batter will be lumpy" is much better than "mix".

3.    Make sure the amounts are correctly written -  Tablespoon vs Teaspoon can really ruin a great recipe.

4.     Make sure all the ingrediients are listed.   Don't waste your time if that secret ingredient is left out.  

If it's such a secret, don't put the recipe in.   I actually have a few secret recipes that I put in our family book, but put a disclaimer on the page that it wouldn't be made without the original cook's permission, it would always be attributed to the original cook, the original cook would always have first choice at making or bringing the dish.    

5.  This may sound strange, but make sure, also, that there are no ingredients listed that are not discussed in the preparation itself.  Example: If the ingredient list calls for onions, when are they addded and how are the cut.


Our Scrapbook Recipe Store below has a selection of Recipe books, papers, embellishments, and CD's to help you collect those wonderful family recipes and get them into some Family Recipe ScrapBooks that can be cherished and added to throughout the years. 

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