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We Will Scrapbook For You!

Don't have the time, know how or inclination to do your own scrapbook?   Let our Custom Scrapbook Designs shop do it for you!   I have been doing scrapbooks since 1963 and when it became a popular craft in the late 1980's, I was in it from the beginning and have a lot of experience with all sorts of products, layouts and design, color matching, embellishments and making great memories for myself and others.

Custom Made Scrapbook Gift Options

Whether you want a Custom Made Scrapbook Gift for a Retirement, Birth of a Child, Family Tree, Vacation, Milestone Birthday, Holiday or just to get started on a Family Event, we can help.   Maybe you found some old photos and want to preserve them.   We can Scrapbook for You.   Remember, you can also give yourself a Custom Made Scrapbook Gift.   It will be the Gift that Keeps on Giving into another generation.

Whole Scrapbooks or Just Pages?

Custom Scrapbook Designs can make you a Custom Designed Scrapbook or Individual Custom Made Scrapbook Pages in many sizes using all acid free and archival safe products, to protect your valuable photos and mementos.  In most cases I can duplicate almost any layout or design you may see on the website, unless the products are no longer being made, in which case, I will use comparable duplicates.

Perhaps just one page to hang in a custom frame for a special event.

Any Types of Photos

If you have digital photos, or documents, you can either e-mail them to me or give me a link to the site they are on so that I can download them to my working files.  If you have actual printed photos, you can mail them to me to scan or if there are a lot of photos or some are damaged, I can have them sent to a company that I work with to get them fixed and scanned in bulk.  The shipping container on this is insured and built to protect your valuable memories.

Phone or E-Mail Communication

We can communicate over the phone or e-mail where your answers will provide me the information I need to organize your photos. If you don't have answers, I can make suggestions or pick something that I think you might like. &bnsp;This is when I can give you an estimate of the number of pages I think you will need.

Sample Designs for Review

I will do a 2 page Custom Scrapbook Design for you to review, critique, etc.  If you don't care for my work, I can certainly change it to something you like or there will be no charge.

Down Payment

If you want to proceed with Custom Scrapbook Designs you can make a 50% payment to my Pay Pal account so you will be able to use your credit card in a secure fashion, with the balance due when I have finished and we are ready to publish.


Depending on my schedule and the backlog of orders, I should be able to get you the test layouts in 3 days.  If you like my initial work I will proceed.

Final Approval

You will have final approval of all layouts before I print them.  They will have a large visible watermark on them which will not be on the final copy.

Billing & Final Payment

The other 50% and postage will be due upon placing the print order. Custom Scrapbook Designs will send you a Pay Pal invoice so you can be sure it is secure.

Shipping & Tracking

Printed books or pages will be shipped to you in less than 14 business days (That's top time for peak Holiday season), depending on the time of year. A Tracking number will be provided upon shipment so you can track the progress and know the expected delivery date. Usually 3 days.

Contact Us for Questions About Custom Scrapbook Design

Pricing Schedule for Custom Designed Scrapbooks & Pages

Individual Pages
printed on Velvet Semi-Gloss Paper
12 x 12 inch $12.00
8 x 8 inch $12.00
8.5 x 11 inch $12.00

Individual Pages can also be printed on Gallery-wrapped Canvas.
Please contact me for specifics on the pricing as prices from the printer fluctuate.

Books - Hardbound with Personalized Cover
Album with 21 Pages Cost Additional Pages up to 99
12 x 12 inch (21 pages) $200.00 $6.00
8 x 8 inch (21 pages) $200.00 $6.00
11.5 x 8.5 inch (21 pages) $200.00 $6.00
7.5 x 10 inch (21 pages) $200.00 $6.00
7 x 5 inch (21 pages) $200.00 $6.00
5 x 5 inch (21 pages) $200.00 $6.00

Other Book Sizes and bindings are available, please contact me for more specifics.

Legacy Book - Hardbound, with leather cover and dust jacket
13 x 11 inch ---------------- $225.00 Extra pages $6.00 each up to 99

Customized Cover - 12 x 12 Post-Bound Album Cover -- $100.00

Postage will depend on the number of pages, book size and address, and shipping method chosen.  I can give you an estimate during our first communication.

Contact Us!

Tell Me About Your Photos


What format are your photos in? and How Many?
Are they Printed? _____ Slides?_____ Electronic? _____

If they are printed, can you have them scanned, or do you want me to arrange for that for you?  I can have that done by one of my partners.

Are any of your printed photos damaged?  If so, I can use one of my partners to repair some of the damage.

If they are Slides, I can have them sent to one of my partners who will digitize them for you.

All shipments need to be sent insured and will be returned insured as soon as possible after they have been digitized.

If they are Electronic, do you know how to get me a copy?  I will need a full sized copy, not a reduced copy.  Are they still in your camera, on your computer, on a CD or disk from your camera, at a photo gallery like Kodak, SnapFish or Flicker?

Contact Us on the Custom Design Form to provide us some information we will need to give you an estimate, to discuss your project and tell you what you will need for an Entire Custom Scrapbook Design or just some Scrapbook Pages.

What do you want for your Custom Scrapbook Designs finished product?

Just Some Things to Think About!

Custom Designed Scrapbooks or Pages?

Please let me know from our price list, if you want books or pages and what size.  Maybe you just want to start with a 2-page layout - let us walk you through the process and you will see how easy it is.  We will Scrapbook for You.  But no Guilt on your part - we need information from you, so you will be involved in our creative process.

Sort the Photos?

Think about how you want the scrapbook pages done
Chronologically or by Event?

Is the event itself in chronological order?

Tell the Story?

Do you want to label the individual photos of have Journaling on the pages.  Captions, Page Titles, or do you have any specific Journaling you wish to add.

* Cover Page *
* Page Titles *
* Funny, Memorable, or Heartfelt Stories *
* Photo Captions *
* Who, What, When, Where, How? *
* Bullet Points *
* Computer Journaling or Journaling in your on Hand Writing? *

I can put the photos on the pages, and we can add the journaling after you have a chance to view the pages, if that would make it easier for you.

Contact Us Form to get an Estimate offers our Custom Scrapbook Designs to provide non-scrapbookers with Great Custom Scrapbook Gift Options.  Remember, you can give yourself a Custom Scrapbook Gift. It will be the Gift that Keeps on Giving into another Generation.

Check out our Themed Books to get some ideas of the scope of our work.

We can duplicate many of the designs you see or tweak them to your preferences.

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