Heritage Scrapbooking


Other Types of Themed Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking actually started with Heritage Scrapbooking.
The albums were originally scrapbooking or photo albums with the black pages and photos attached with the black photo corners.
They were traditionally albums that were somewhat chronological in order, and showcased important events or accomplishments of the family. Births, weddings, graduations and the occasional appearance in the newspaper.

In addition to the traditional Heritage Scrapbooking, scrapbooking has developed into themed scrapbook ideas centered around one event or idea. Travel scrapbooks to showcase a special Vacation; albums about a family Military or Public Service Hero; Travel & Military Scrapbook Ideas albums about Special Events, Occasions or Hobbies. And don't forget the true Heritage Scrapbooking for when you find one of those older, cherished family photos.

But all in all, think of them as a "family diary" and think of yourself as the "keeper of the family diary".

Keeper of the Family Diary!

What an honorable position that is!

Themed Scrapbook Ideas are actually the easiest to get started on - especially if you have a lot of photos from an event or vacation. There is no set number of pages that your book needs to be - just the number of pages required to cover the photos and memorabilia that you wish to showcase. You can always add pages or remove pages to finish your book.

I estimate about 5 to 6 photos per two page spread if you want to leave your photos the standard 4" x 6".

Check out our extensive Heritage Scrapbooking examples (over 70 books) of the types of Themed Scrapbook Ideas and Travel & Military Scrapbook Ideas with a lot of great scrapbook tips with Layout Ideas and all the supplies to make these possible.

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Fire Fighters Scrapbook Layouts or Firefighters Scrapbook Supplies

Taking Fireworks Photos and Tips for Taking Great Fireworks Photos and using them in layouts.

Flower Scrapbook Layouts

Germany Scrapbook Layouts

Halloween Scrapbooking, Photo Tips, Layouts, Journaling & Fonts, Kits, Papers and Embellishments.

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* Heritage Scrapbook Layouts or Heritage Scrapbooking Ideas, Paper & Kits

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* Magnolia Plantation Scrapbook near Charleston, SC

* Memorial Scrapbook Layouts

* Military, Service or Patriotic Albums for your Military Scrapbook Layouts
   and also Military Scrapbooking Kits and Marines Museum Layouts

* The Perigee Super Moon - March 19-20, 2011 Combining Digital & Traditional Scrapbooking.

* Motorcycle Competition - Palmetto Challenge.

* Mount Rushmore Scrapbook & Embellishment Ideas.

* Navy Blue Angels Scrapbook & Digital Embellishment Ideas.


* Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Patriotic Scrapbook Layouts

* President Obama Inauguration Scrapbook

* Pet Scrapbook Layouts and Pet School Mascot Scrapbook Layouts

* PolarBear Plunge Scrapbook

* Police or Sheriff Department - Police Scrapbook Layouts
or Police Motorcycle Competition & Challenge

St Louis, Missouri, Gateway Arch

* Recipes - Favorite Family Recipes and Recipe Scrapbook Store for a selection of Kits and Supplies and Digital Recipe Scrapbook Tutorial.

Retirement Scrapbook Layouts #1 Tips & Ideas and

Retirement Scrapbook Layouts #2 Tips & Ideas - Military Parade

* Religious or Faithbooking

Riverdance - The Show - Scrapbook and more tips on making 12 x 15 layouts from 12 x 12 papers.

Road Trip Scrapbook Tips & Ideas

* Seasonal Holidays

* School Years - Grade School, High School and College

* Scouting - Scout Scrapbooking - or Camping Events

* Sporting Seasons

* Vacation or Travel to anywhere you have been or want to go
* Wedding

* Washington DC Scrapbook

* Winter Snow Scrapbook and Glimmer Mist Frosty Scrapbook on Winter

* Yellowstone Park Scrapbook #1 or Yellowstone Park Scrapbook #2 for Great embellishments and ideas.

* Trips to the Zoo or Africa if you are really adventurous!

The list of Heritage Scrapbooking Ideas is only limited by your own great imagination and the things that you, your family and your friends do or enjoy or the number and type of photos you find or take yourself.

Not only do the scrapbook photo albums come in themes such as Travel, Disney, or Military - so do the papers and all the other embellishments that are available.

Use some of our many ideas to take your Heritage Scrapbooking to a new level. Please don't hesitate if you have any questions.

Use the Contact Us Form to get some personal scrapbook assistance for all your Heritage Scrapbooking needs.

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