Scrapbook Embellishments
Step #8

Scrapbook Embellishments are many and varied - just about anything you can think of using is out there somewhere. You can use just about anything that is flat enough and our Quick Start Guide of Scrapbooking for Beginners covers the many types and places you can find Scrapbook Embellishments.

Are You The

Embellishment  spelling out Handy Woman using wire, washers and other tools

1. Gather Related Photos.
2. Determine the Predominate color.
3. Determine Theme or Context.
4. Pick papers - Based on your colors, theme or content.
5. Collect your Tools.
6. Matte the Photos -- if you want to.
7. Test Fit the Photos to the page size and adhere to the layout pieces.

8. Add Scrapbook Embellishments or other goodies -- if you have them or want them.

9. Add the Scrapbook Journaling or save it for later.
10. Get your scrapbooking photo album and load the pages in your album and show off...

As Scrapbooking for Beginners continues, you will find that there are an unlimited number of things you can use for Scrapbook Embellishments on your pages.

However, the thinner the better. I would not suggest any Scrapbook Embellishments thicker than about 1/4 inch, and nothing pointed to damage the photos or your pages in front of or in back of the embellishment. We call these things by the technical term "lumpy stuff."

I try to keep non-photo safe items enclosed in plastic so as not to damage your photos and papers.

Scrapbooking for Beginners Tip: I would also suggest that you store your photo album standing up, like books in the library. This helps to protect your layouts against damage from "Lumpy Stuff".

Types of Scrapbook Embellishments

Let's classify Scrapbook Embellishments into 3 types:

........ Things You Pick up Along the Way .........
........ Things Made Specifically for Scrapbooking ........
........ Things Made Specifically for Something Else ........


Scrapbook Embelishment Tray with Sorted Embellishments


Scrapbook Embellishments
The Things You Pick up Along the Way:

This would be the things you collect when you are experiencing the event and of course would be the least expensive and the most meaningful for your layouts.

How about that Remodeling project for the home. Along with the typical before and after shots, keep a few little items for adding to your book.

Here are a few Layouts and close up shots of the Scrapbook Embellishment items I added from my Remodeling Projects. I used a lot of different things on these pages - more than usual, but I thought this collection would provide some good ideas about what the Handy Women can come up with if you use your imagination.

Embellishment Layout using pieces of sandpaper and veneer as scrapbook emebllishments

Embellishment Layout using pieces of sandpaper and veneer as scrapbook emebllishments

Embellishment  spelling out Handy Woman using wire, washers and other tools

This little item started out as an embellishment by Jolee's that I purchased from a local scrapbook store. It originally said "Handy Man." But after I had finished that desk, I picked up a Washer from someplace to represent the "O" and formed the "W" from a piece of copper wiring left by the electrician. Thus "Handy Woman!"

Embellishment for Scrapbook Layout of veeneer with a rubber stamp of a carpenters triangle

Home Improvement Scrapbook Layout showing the samples and colors of sandpaper

<---- This little embellishment was a piece of the left over Oak Veneer that was used to cover the damage on the desk. The image in the corner was a rubber stamp that represents a carpenters triangle stamped in black ink.

The item on the right was actually just strips of -----^ sandpaper that I found interesting. I didn't know it came in so many "decorator colors" and I had used so much of it, I just added this in place of a photo.

Other Ideas

Scrapbook Embellishments
can be found anywhere.

When you go to a theater or concert event, you have the ticket stub and perhaps a program. You may wish to save these and add to your layouts.

When you go to a New Year's Eve Party, there may be some confetti or streamers that you may want to take back home with you to add - either directly to a page or in a "shaker box."

Brochures from the travel agent, especially the great photographs. No, you don't have to stay with only your photos. When I go someplace that I think I will end up scrappin', I always pick up 2 of each brochure so I can use the photos from the back and the front of each page - just in case.

Post cards are really nice items to pick up as they are always great images and close to the size of our regular photos. You can never go wrong there.

How about when you go to a Wedding? There are almost always things to take home like a little napkin with the names of the bride and groom and the date - great item to use instead of journaling or a title block. The program from the ceremony or maybe some of the silk flower petals that are sometimes used for decoration? These look great on your pages and actually tend to keep their shape even when closed up in a scrapbook for years.

Starting a garden and planning to scrap your progress. Use the seed packets. After all, when you take the final photos, you can compare to your seed packets to see how successful you were.

A Special Restaurant - pick up an Advertising Coaster, a Sample Menu or a Match Book.


Embellishments Made Specifically
for Scrapbooking

These would be things that you could find at your Local Scrapbook Store or any of the larger stores that have a craft or scrapbooking section. Since they are made specially for scrapbooking, these will be the most expensive, but they are abundant and often impressive with their detail.

Scrapbook Fibers & Ribbons
More Scrapbook Ribbons for Your Scrapbook Layouts

Scrapbook Fibers showig several types & colors of Scrapbook fibers

Bargello Scrapbook Embellishments

Bargello Scrapbook Embellishments - using blue, white & grey strips of paper

Scrapbooking Chalk

Scrapbook Chalk Set 24 colors

Brads for Scrapbooking or Card Making


Stickers, both flat and "lumpy"

Stickers Jolees Eggs with Bunnies poking out the top Scrapbook Embellishment

Sticko Tools Stickers Scrapbook Embellishments

Stickers Strip Seasonal Scrapbook Embellishments showing summer, fall, winter & spring

Lettering Fonts for Scrapbooking


Shaker Boxes

Ribbon Slides


Chip Board Shapes

Scrapbooking Die Cuts

Scrapbook Die Cuts Washington DC

Slide Mounts

Embellishment Slide Mount for Scrapbook Layouts

Embellishment Slide Mount for Scrapbook Layout

and Charmes

Embellishment for Scrapbook Layout-metal charm of tiny saw

Home Improvement Scrapbook Layout Embellishment - piece of yellow tape measure

Embellishment for Scrapbook Layout Embellishment  for Scrapbook Layout

These 2 Layouts use the slide mount on the left hand page and the saw charm and the piece of tape measure on the right hand page.


Scrapbook Embellishments Made Specifically for Something Else

Here is where you imagination really comes into play. These are things that you and other scrapbookers have decided to use for scrapbook layouts, but their original use was for something far different.

These are a little less expensive than items made specifically for scrapbooking, but the manufacturers of scrapbooking supplies are now adopting some of these things as specific to scrapbooking.

Sewing Notions - Thread or Yarn stitched into borders or designs on layout pages. Also try Rick Rac, Buttons, Zippers, Sequins, Glitter, Beads and even left over Pocket Patches. And, don't forget fabric samples.

Check out some things to do with Thread & Yarn at Spirella Designs

Spirella Scrapbook Embellishments with blue thread on blue paper

Doilies - that you may have leftover in any color or shape can be used flat as frilly, lacy background Scrapbook Embellishments or cut or folded into various shapes. Check out this layout where the doilies are used to form a frame around a photo.

Heritage Scrapbook Layout with cur and folded doilies used to frame the photograph

Here's the link to some other Heritage Scrapbook Layouts.

Personal Shopper Scrapbook Layout using Doilies Personal Shopper Scrapbook Layout using Doilies

Another use of Doilies - One as Title Area, one for photos mattes backed by a card stock of a coordinating color and pieces of a doilie used for photo corners.

Office Supplies - like Staples (especially the colored kind), Paper Clips (now made in round, square, star and other shapes), Clip It Clips, Mini Alligator Clips in a variety of colors, and even Page Divider Tabs.

Hardware Store Finds - Washers, Electrical Wire, Sandpaper, Letters and Numbers, (see the "Handy Woman" title) and once I even used some of the chrome letters that came off the back of my car after an accident. OK, I confess, I am addicted to Scrapbooking - but I thought it would be a good way to document the accident.

Oh, did I forget to tell you. For those of use who are addicted to Scrapbooking - we have a saying.
"If it's not in the Scrapbook, It didn't happen."

Leftovers - Twist Ties (plastic and paper), Pull Tabs (which can be painted or inked with Alcohol Inks), and even Bottle Caps, both old and new. Then if you are are doing remodeling or repainting, how about a few of the paint chip sample sheets.

Scrapbook Embellishments paint chip strips

Now that you have Added Embellishments ... Go on to Step #9 - Add the Scrapbook Journaling from Scrapbooking for Beginners

10-Step Quick Start Guide
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Spirella Designs for a look at some elegant

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