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The  Scoring Toolsthat we sell in the Scoring Tools Store come in several sizes & shapes and are made by several manufacturers.   I have the Scor-It and have used it for several years successfully, but I have seen other Papercrafting Score Tools used very successfully as well.

Whether you want to do something as simple as your own cards, or something complicated like making a mini pizza box to hold an assortment of your hand made cards for a gift, you will find these tools to be very helpful.

Why do you want to Score your Paper or Cardstock?

Scoring the paper will give it a crease on one side that will make
your paper or cardstock easy to fold in a very straight line and
will prevent the paper or card from cracking along the edge or folding
crooked. It not only looks professional, but will keep the fold
from cracking or tearing later on.

Usually the thicker or heavier the paper, the more difficult it is to get
a good crease with out scoring it first. Or if your paper has texture,
it makes it harder to get a good crisp fold if you don't score.

After scoring and folding your paper, it is also a good idea to burnish
the fold with something to reinforce it or train the paper
card to stay folded.

The Scoring Tools Store below will help you find just the right kind
of Papercrafting Score Tools you need like a Scor-It Board, a Crafter's
Companion, a Paper Trimmer or a Bone Folder.

Scored Scrapbook Embellishment

Score It Card Diamonds

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