Scrapbooking for Beginners

We will walk you through the Scrapbooking for Beginners process, step-by-step

Step #5 - Collect Your Tools

The Scrapbooking for Beginners Quick Start Guide.

1. Gather Related Photos.
2. Determine the Predominate Color.
3. Determine Theme or Context.
4. Pick Your Papers - Based on your colors, theme or content.

5. Collect your Tools.

6. Matte the photos, if you want to.
7. Test fit the photos to the page size and adhere to the layouts.
8. Add Embellishments or other goodies (if you have them or want them).
9. Add the Journaling or save it for later.
10. Get your scrapbooking photo album and slide the pages in the sheet protectors and show off...

For now, in the very beginning, all you need are the tools below.

Beginner Scrapbooking Tools

Must Have Paper Crafting Tools:

Photos - of course, both old and new.

Scrapbook Papers - for background, photo mattes and decoration.

Scrapbook Adhesives - to adhere your photos and whatever else you wish to add to your layouts.

Click for more detail, photos & info about all of these Paper Craft & Scrapbooking Tools.

Really Convenient Paper Craft Tools:

A Container to hold your tools and supplies so they will be handy when you have a little time to scrap.

Paper Trimmer - or cutter to cut a straight line or .....

.....a Ruler, Pencil and a Pair of Straight Edge Scissors

Bone Folder - is a small hand held tool for enhancing creases in paper.

Calligraphy or Scrapbooking Pens - to do some Scrapbook Journaling , but here again, this is not required. However, if you do write in your scrapbooks, please make sure the pen you use is for scrapbooking and is acid free so as not to cause future damage to your photos and art work.

And a Scrapbook Photo Album - to keep your layouts in when they're complete. Not necessary now, but you will want to protect your layouts. And show them off!

Now that you have Collected Your Scrapbooking or Papercrafting Tools ...

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Photo Matte Tutorial
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Scrapbooking for Beginners 10-Step Quick Start Guide

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10 Easy Steps
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Quick Start Guide

1. Gather Photos

2. Pick Color

3. Determine Theme

4. Pick the Papers

5. Collect Basic Tools

6. Cut Photo Mattes

7. Test Fit

8. Embellishments

9. Add Journaling

10. Fill your Album

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