Scrapbook Organization

It is critical that you start some type of Scrapbook Organization System early in your adventure in papercrafting. Scrapbooking can be such an supply intensive hobby that many of us seem to need a ton of stuff, just in case. At least that's how it is with me.

You don't want to end up like me. I got so behind with my organization that my hobby of Scrapbooking turned into one of Organizing or looking for that particular supply I just knew I had but could not find. Not much fun in that!

I started Scrapbooking long before there were any storage options especially for those large 12 x 12 sheets of paper, or even places made specially to store you photos that were safe for preserving the quality of your photographs. Other than 3-ring notebooks and sheet protectors, there was not much available.

So I have had the opportunity to grow with Scrapbooking and have developed a number of storage options on my own and will share those as well as the ones that I have purchased along the way.

I will not review any products that I have not purchased myself and like to use or any that my friends are not pleased with. All the items I use are not listed here, so if you want to know about something in particular, please Contact Me

General Scrapbook Organization

The first set of Scrapbook Organization tips I will give you handle a number of things you need to organize like paper, cardstock, embellishments and small tools. You can find most of those here at Scrapbook Supply Storage.

Scrapbook Room Layouts

Next, I will refer you to a page that will give you ideas on how to layout your craft area, closet, or even an entire craft room, depending on how far into Scrapbooking you are. Those ideas can be found here at Scrapbook Room Layouts.

Scrapbook Storage Binders

Next, I refer you to our Scrapbook Storage Binders which I have used for years to hold my non-themed papers and cardstock, as well as die cuts, stickers, and other somewhat flat embellishments.

ScrapOnizer Scrapbook Storage Systems

I can also show you a relatively new item called the ScrapOnizer which holds a lot of paper and supplies as well as small tools and is great for taking to crops at ScrapOniser Scrapbook Storage Systems.

Something I particularly like about these storage containers, is that they are great to take with me when I make a purchase of scrapbook paper or cardstock or stickers, I can put them directly into the ScrapOnizer and take them home without worrying about my items getting wrinkled, bent or dog-eared.

I took an entire empty set of 4 of these on a 6-week cross-country trip the summer of 2010 and they held up to the weight of other things being placed on top of them and I never had a damaged piece of paper and never had to worry.

They are also great for taking to Crops and storing all your goodies in them for completing pages.

50 Tips for Organizating Your Scrapbooking

Lastly, I found a great article that you might be able to use which has 50 Scrapbook Organization Tips

I hope some of the information we provided here can be useful. Like I said earlier, don't let you Scrapbooking supplies get disorganized. Find a way to get control of them so you don't lose them and waste time trying to find them.

We would also be interested in sharing any Scrapbook Organization Tips you may have to share and will be send you an small gift for your efforts. Do you have something you have made or have purchased that you really like? We'd love to know about it and feature it on one of our pages. Just let us know at the "Contact Us" page on the top of the right column.

Happy Scrappin!

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