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Scrapbooking Pens, Journaling pens or Calligraphy Pens by Zig for use in Scrapbooking, cards and stationary, are something I discovered years ago and have used them ever since. All of the ink is archival quality, acid-free, light-fast, waterproof, fade-proof, smear-proof and non-bleeding. These pens are great for use with Scrapbooking as the ink will not damage or cause your papers to deteriorate.

These scrapbooking pens come in a wide variety of colors, pen tips and shapes, and can be purchased individually or in various sets of colors and ink types.


We have recently added the Pen & Calligraphy Store for you to purchase the Scrapbooking Pens and Books shown on this page and to view more available Pen & Calligraphy Book options. The store is at the bottom of the page. The first three pages are Calligraphy Books and the following pages are Calligraphy Pens or Journaling Pens.


Caligraphy Pens - for Journaling. Again, these are acid free so as not to damage photos and papers.

Types of Scrapbooking Pens

Zig Memory System makes 4 types - these particular pens have a point on each end.

Zig Writer

1. The "Zig Writer" has a bull nose rounded tip of 1.2 mm and a fine tip of .5 mm.

Scrapbooking Pens Zig Bullet & Fine Tip Pen

These pens can be purchased individually or in one of 6 sets of 8 colors.
The pens and the sets start on page 3 of the store below.

Scrapbooking Pens Zig Writer Set of 8

You can also purchase one of the Absolute Ultimate Collections of scrapbooking pens with the Zig Writer Pen Set of 48 different color pens complete with a carrying case. This set is a real prize - the equivalent to getting the box of 64 Crayola crayons when we were little!

The 48 colors are Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Brown, Orange, Violet, Salmon, Rose, Baby Pink, Baby Blue, Blue Jay, Teal, Ocean, Evergreen, Spring Green, Apricot, Wheat, Hyacinth, Platinum, Steel Grey, Antique Burgundy, Candy Pink, Blue Bonnet, Navy, Clover, Summer Sun, Denim, Chocolate, Peach Bliss, Orchid, Powder Blue, Hunter Green, Pale Mint, Butter, Fawn, Fuchsia, Splash, Kiwi, Sagebrush, Spice, Aubergine, Plum Mist, English Lavender, Island Coral & Coffee.

What more could we ask for in color combinations?

See page 4 of the Pen and Calligraphy Store for this set of 48 Zig Writers.

Scrapbooking Pens Zig Bullet & Fine Writer Set of 48

Zig Fine & Chisel

2. The "Zig Fine & Chisel" has the same fine tip of 0.5 mm and the other end is a 1.2 mm chisel shaped pen for doing the fancy lettering. Holding this pen tip at a 45 degree angle on the paper will make the traditional letters with a combination of broad and fine lines.

Scrapbooking Pens Zig Fine and Chisel Small

Zig Calligraphy Pen

3. The "Zig Calligraphy Pen" has the two chisel tips, one 2.0 mm wide and the other larger one at 5.0 mm. The broad tip on this one is great for larger lettering for titles and borders. The clear plastic covers on these pens make it easy to see which tip you want to use.

Scrapbooking Pens Zig Twin Chisel Tip Pen

Scrapbooking Pens Zig Calligraphy Set of 8

These can be purchased in sets of 8 pens and the set of 48.

The Primary Colors set - Black, Red, Pink, Blue, Green, Violet, Yellow and Brown.

The Delicate Shades set - Pale Mint, Powder Blue, Peach Bliss, Baby Pink, English Lavender, Blue Bonnet, Butter and Sagebrush.

The Great Outdoors set - Fawn, Aubergine, Denim, Chocolate, Spice, Coffee, Hunter Green and Navy.

The Spirited Color set - Kiwi, Summer Sun, Fuchsia, Island Coral, Candy Pink, Clover, Splash and Orchid.

The Carnival set - Pure Yellow, Pure Pink, Spring Green, Rose, Blue Jay, Pure Orange, Teal and Pure Violet.

Zig Scroll & Brush Pen

4. The "Zig Scroll & Brush Pen" has a brush tip on one end, the other has a scroll tip, which is actually a broad split-tip that will make 2 lines, one thick and one thin, with one stroke of the pen.

I recently discovered an interesting thing about the scroll side of this pen. I ink the edges of my photo mattes by inserting the edge of the matte into the V-shaped split and moving the pen along the card stock. It inks a perfectly even line on the edge of the photo matte which makes your matte pop out from the page.

Scrapbooking Pens Zig Scroll & Brush Pen

Zig Chalk Collection

Other types of Zig Memory systems include the Zig Memory Systems Writer Dual Tip Pens in the Chalk Collection. These come in the fine and bullet tip (Item #1) but the Chalk writer markers resemble a soft chalk pastel color once they are dry. They also are great for writing on dark and bright color paper.

They come in a package of 6 colors with white, gray, pink, yellow, green and blue pigment ink. These are also acid free, archival quality, light fast, fade proof and waterproof as are all these wonderful scrapbooking pens and writing tools.

See page 4 of the Pen and Calligraphy Store for this set of Zig Writers Chalk Collection.

Scrapbooking Pens Zig Chalk Collection

Zig Vellum Writer

Another handy set of scrapbooking pens and writers for working on the vellum paper is the EK Success Zig Vellum Writer Set. Vellum paper is somewhat transparent, slick and does not absorb inks so finding something to write on them has been difficult.

These are also the dual-tipped markers specifically formulated to have opaque and quick-drying benefits. Again archival quality. These also have the same fine and bullet tips like item #1.

This set of 8 colors includes Violet, Orange, Brown, Green, Blue, Pink, Red, and Black.

See page 3 of the Pen and Calligraphy Store for this set of 8 Zig Vellum Writers.

Scrapbooking Pens Zig Writer Vellum Set

Zig Calligraphy Metallic

Another wonderful edition to my collection of Scrapbooking pens is the Zig Calligraphy Metallic set of 6 markers in silver, gold, violet, blue, green and red. I use these for those special layouts that have a festive theme or anywhere I want to spice something up with metallics.

These dual-tipped markers have a 2.0 mm tip on one end and a 3.5 mm tip on the other end.

Like the Chalk markers, these metallic colored pens are perfect for writing on light and dark papers. The waterbased, pigment ink is acid-free, archival quality, waterproof, lightfast, fade-proof, non-bleeding, like the rest of the Zig collection.

Scrapbooking Pens Zig Metallic Markers

Zig Emboss Markers or Embossing Pens

And to top off the collection of Scrapbooking Pens or Embossing Pens, there are now ZIG Emboss Markers which stay wet long enough to add embossing powders. These srapbooking pens make that special writing or journaling come alive with dimension and a professional style of embossing.

All of the markers contains clear waterbased ink and are available in a set with all four dual-tipped pens mentioned above. The really nice thing about these, over using the Versa Mark Pen, is these markers are colored markers, while the Versa Mark is pen is only tinted enough to see what looks like a watermark.

Marker 1 has a Fine 0.5mm line & Bullet 1.2mm line.
Marker 2 has a Narrow 2.0mm line & Broad 3.5mm line.
Marker 3 has a scroll line & Brush line.
Marker 4 has a Fine 0.5mm line & Chisel 1.2mm line.

Tutorial for using these Embossing Pens are the same as basic embossing.

1. Draw, write or outline area for embossing with your Embossing Pen.
2. Sprinkle your embossing powder over the inked area.
3. Heat set the area with a heat gun until the embossing powder melts into a shiny, raised surface.
4. Let the embossing dry completely - and be careful as the embossing powder will be hot for a while.

See page 6 of the Pen and Calligraphy Store for this set of 4 Zig Emboss Writers.

Scrapbooking Pens Zig Embossing Pens, Embossing Markers

To see a photo tutorial on embossing, which includes using the Versa Mark Embossing Pad and Embossing Pen, please check out our page on

Rubber Stamp Embossing.

When using the Zig Scrapbooking Pens or Journaling Pens, you can always write your journaling free hand. However, some of us don't care much for our own handwriting. But, that is exactly what the readers of our Memory Books will cherish in the years to come.

Don't get discouraged! On the contrary! Be happy that all of these wonderful products are out there for you to use once you get going. A scrapbooking Pen or Journaling Pen for any of the ideas you can imagine! Tip: All you need for beginner scrapbooking is just one or two colors, possibly a black and one other primary color - maybe blue, red, green or maybe brown.

One great asset for learning the art of Calligraphy which extends far beyond these type of pens, is a book by David Harris, The Calligraphers Bible, 100 Complete Alphabets and How to Draw Them. Mr. Harris will walk you through a step-by-step process for creating the beautiful and elegant letter forms.

Here's a store to purchase his book, or any of several other books on Calligraphy and Kits, even Calligraphy Books for Kids and Lefties. These selections will help you make really good use of your Scrapbooking Pens or Journaling Pens.

Scrapbooking Pens, Journaling Pens, Calligraphy Pens, Calligraphers Bible

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