Rubber Stamping

One of the most versatile and varied Techniques used in Scrapbooking and Card Making is Rubber Stamping using Art Stamps made from from Rubber or Acrylic. You can do everything from greetings, scrapbook pages, backgrounds paper design, tags, embellishments and collages from Art Stamps.

We have a number of pages devoted to Stamping. Our page on Acrylic & Rubber Stamps discusses and shows examples of the various types of images available and stamps composition - either Rubber or clear Acrylic - and the benefits of each type. They can be Wood Mounted, EZ Mounted or Unmounted. The Clear Acrylic ones are normally unmounted and are easy to use because you can see through them.

Here we also have a short Tutorial on one way to make your own Background Paper using Stamp Images. Once you check this out, think about making more backgrounds like stripes and plaids from images that resemble long slender lines.

We have provided a Photo Tutorial on how to Cut and Mount the Unmounted Rubber, along with some suggestions on several ways to store them stamps and be able to find them when you are ready to use. We also have a lot of information on Rubber Stamp Conditioning and Cleaning to get the best images from your valuable stamps and the best type of cleaners to preserve them.

Further we have provided Rubber Stamping Tips & Techniques on how to ink and use the stamps to get the best possible images as well as a Quick Ink Review on the different types. We also have a Rubber Stamping Do Not Do List of things you should avoid when using your Stamps. All this to help you make good clear images without halos or empty space.

We have another photo tutorial section on how to do Rubber Stamp Embossing with Embossing Powders which gives you a Heat Embossing Supplies List and step by step instructions with photos of the products used and where to get them. This tutorial page also gives you various alternatives and substitutes for the tools needed and explains how to do embossing with a Stamp Pad or Embossing Markers.

When gathering your supplies, do not use a portable hair dryer as a substitute for the Heat Gun. A heat gun heats the air, but does not blow air. If you use a dryer, the embossing powder will be blown off the image before heat setting and you will end up wasting your embossing powder and with a mess to clean up. The heat gun runs from $20 to $25 and is the one thing you must have in your tool chest to do Embossing.

I recently came across this interesting article about the History of the current day Rubber Stamping trends and thought some of you might enjoy it as I did. Posted originally by here is the link to the History of Stamping.

And next, we have a page with Videos from favorite stamp designer, at Michael Strong Videos and his beautiful and unique Cloisonne Stamps. Each of his images can be used to make a number of different images when broken up. The Closionne design lines allow this perfectly. On this page you will find a number of his videos demonstrating some really creative ideas using his stamps including projects and ideas. You will also find a link to where you can purchase the Closionne Stamps on Michael's Web Site.

We also have some ideas for Christmas Cards using some of Michael's Cloisonne Stamps. If you are interested in making your own Holiday cards and a quick and easy method that looks like you took hours to do, check out the Christmas Card Making Ideas.

From there we have the Michael Strong Gallery where we are offering a gift for those who upload their creations using Michael's stamps and win through voter participation. We only need a few more entries before we award our gift.

If you post with us, you will get your own page right here on our site.

We have recently discovered another fabulous line of rubber stamp images by Heartfelt Creations Stamps that are just awesome. They now have coordinating Spellbinders Dies to really make some awesome Cards and Scrapbook embellishments. Check out these stunning images and at the bottom of the page you will find a store if you want to purchase some of these.

And lastly, we have a Stamp Store where you can purchase all types of Stamping items from Books & CD's to Acrylic Stamping Blocks & Cleaners, Stamp Positioners, Sanding Blocks, Photo images, Art images, Background images, Fonts and Words, singles and sets from various designers all arranged by Type of Stamp.

Stamp images are used most often with Inks. These inks can be Pigment or Dye Based Inks or even some of the permanent type inks like Staz-On that will dry and adhere to things like metal and glass as well as papers.

They can also be used with Copic Markers so we have added the Copic Marker Store, Calligraphy or Scrapbooking Pens, Scrapbooking Chalks, Water Colors, Paint and Acrylics, and even Dicrofiber Scrapbook Embellishments where you can melt the Dicrofibers on top of any inked Stamp that is actual rubber (no acrylic for this process) and leave the heated ink impression in the resulting fabric.

Hopefully you be able to find what you need here and learn more about Rubber Stamping. Enjoy playing with your stamps and don't forget to contact us about posting your creations.

If you have any questions or if something does not seem to be working correctly, please don't hesitate to Contact Us.

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