Scrapbook Photography Tips

Somewhere along the way in our learning to Scrapbook, I think we all realize that we could use some Scrapbook Photography Tips. Perhaps you have gotten some great photos of your own mixed in with some average ones, or someone else has some that are really well done and you want to spruce up your skills. Tired of the out of focus ones or just don't know enough about that fancy new camera. Here is some help!

I think I have improved my photography skills over the years, through trial and error, trying new types of cameras, and learning first hand about the meaning of slow shutter speed. It has sometimes been an expensive learning curve.

So I thought I would add a few pages with some Scrapbook Photography Tips that I have picked up along the way and try to show either a few examples or at least put you onto some great professional advice that better explains some ways to use your camera to get better photos and thus better Scrapbook Layouts.

Floral Photography Tips

Floral Photography is a great place to start with learning how to use your camera, because the subjects of your photography have a lot of patience and they are always in a good mood. They are normally outside and sometimes can't help themselves hold still so we provide some tips to get around that on our Floral Photography Tips.

So I offer a few suggestions for Movement and Lighting as well as some ways to add interest while you are learning. You can learn the differences in Landscape and Macro Floral Photography. And my favorite is finding flowers in the most unusual places which makes for interesting scrapbook layouts.

Beach Photography Tips

Next I focus on the Beach Photography Tips as so many of us try to get to the Beach sometime during the summer months and we all like to have some great photos to remember those times.

Here on the Scrapbook Photography Tips we show some Beach Scrapbook Layout Ideas as well and focus on What to Photograph, What to Focus On, How to Get Creative, How to Care for Your Camera at the Beach, and what kind of Camera Equipment to bring to the beach.

Fireworks Photo Tips

Next I focus on Taking Fireworks Photos as we have several occasions that Fireworks are special like New Years Eve, The Forth of July, Chinese New Year, or a personal or corporate event.   I have even heard of Fireworks at a Wedding Celebration! Never been to one of those weddings, but have read about them.

I tried a number of cameras and got many poor shots of Fireworks, and even tried to download Fireworks photos from the web, but they were practically non-existent.   So I just kept trying and my determination finally worked, but it was quite expensive and took many years.

I finally figured it out, but I want to offer you some quick Scrapbook Photography Tips here from the Professionals for Taking Fireworks Photos with both Film and Digital Cameras. Tips like how to keep the camera steady, exposure tips for taking photos at night, using PhotoShop to clean up our images, and also how to take photos of backyard fireworks and safety precautions.

Halloween Photography Tips

I also have some great information about Halloween Photography Tips. It seems like we all need to have those traditional Pumpkin Patch photos, and taking photos of the Jack-o-Lanterns, and of course the Costumes, Hair and Make Up from the Halloween Parties for adults or children.   Parties brings up the ideas of when to take party photos, Group Photography Tips, Lighting and Spooky Perspectives, and even great ways to get Double Exposures for really Ghostly Images.

Winter & Cold Weather Photography Tips

Well, there is always that Cold Weather that begins around Halloween. The Fall Leaves and Snow can certainly create some wonderful opportunities for photography. We need to know just how to handle our camera equipment to keep it working through the cold and, more importantly, keep it working after we bring it in from the cold.

You will find some great tips at Cold Weather Photography Tips.

Air Show Scrapbook Photo Tips

I have also included a section on our Air Show Scrapbook Page with some links to a couple of other sites with Air Show Scrapbook Photography Tips that you need to check before going to see your next air show.

Things to Avoid with Photos

I have also included a page on Photography Do Not Do List which will give you some things to think about with Event Photography, as well as Travel and Outdoor Photography.  There are also some suggestions about taking a mini-photo vacation in your own home town.

Also some ideas about what to do with Bad Photos, and using Post Cards and Brochures in your scrapbook layouts when it is sometimes impossible to get a good shot of your own.

I hope these tips will help you a bit, save a little time and money in your learning curve, and result in some better photos and finally give you better scrapbook layouts all the way around.

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