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#12. Scrapbook present for mom and dad?

I have a big bundle of scrap book paper and I wanted to use it for my mom and dad's Christmas gifts. Any ideas?

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Scrapbook Advice Answers says a scrapbook is a great idea. You are a bit limited on time so use a book that you can add to - finish now what you can then you can always add to it later - for additional gifts as you run across photos or items you want to put in. A book with page protectors that you can slide the layouts into and move them around to put in chronological order for instance. Find some photos later and you can add them with no problem. After all, is a scrapbook ever really finished?

You don't mention how many photos you have, but if you are limited you could do some pages with just one photo and some journaling about what you remember about the photo or the event, how you felt about your parents at that time or what the event meant to you or to them.

Scrapbook Advice Answers suggests that you Enlist Brothers, Sisters, Aunts, Uncles or anyone who may have photos or stories that can help you with the journaling.

I always like to do a cover page - which sort of announces what the book is about. A nice photo of the 2 of them and their names - possibly the date of their marriage. If you have some photos that you don't use for your layouts, but you want to put them in, you could do a collage for the last page of the book.

Scrapbook Advice Answers suggests that if you are looking for some ideas for pages, I have a scrapbook website that has a set of 36 monthly challenges in my "Book of Me" Section. Don't let the title mislead you. It has some challenges and great ideas about what to scrapbook and journal about and they work for anyone. Ideas like Then and Now, Places we Lived, Places we Vacationed, Collections, Top Ten Lists, People we Love, etc.

Here's the link to those ideas that may help you with ideas to focus on Book-of-Me

Good Luck with your Gift - I have done this myself and there were a lot of laughs and tears (good ones) the day I presented it and I have added to it often. It has been interesting how many times it has been looked at.

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#11. Origami paper help!!??

Hi, ya everyone. I got an origami flower kit for Christmas with some beautiful floral paper. I've attempted it a few times, I'm not very good at it, but I really feel like I could get better and I do enjoy it. I've been practicing on some thick paper that my dad has, because I don't want to waste the nice paper.
I've been looking around and I've seen some printable origami paper. My printer isn't very good, but I guess it comes out OK. Is it OK to use these papers? I'm wondering if it would be better to glue 2 pieces of printer paper together?
I also have two packs of scrapbook paper, which I'm thinking of cutting down to size, would this be OK? I wish I could just buy some origami paper, it seems that in Australia you can't buy it anywhere, my sister could get some for me in England, but it would probably get lost in the post or something, lol.
So, any answers are really appreciated, Thanks, Secret:)

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Scrapbook Advice Answers: Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

Scrapbook Advice Answers suggests that for practicing, just use what we call here in the States, copy paper or typewriter paper. Origami paper is very thin and makes a nice crease. And you will be making a lot of creases over one another.
Seems like printing your own paper would use up a lot of ink and seems like it would be cheaper to practice on plain paper. The scrapbook paper is nice, if it is thin enough, but having done origami for years, the thinner the better, but the scrapbook paper may not withstand the creasing, it may show the white center at each crease. To glue two pieces of paper together would make it much too thick and heavy and may mess up your creases.
Instead of printing, Scrapbook Advice Answers suggests taking the plain paper and make your own designs, perhaps with ink pads and/or rubber stamps. Here's a link to my Rubber Stamp Tutorial and about half way down the page are some scrapbook background papers that I did using rubber stamps.

Dick Blick has Origami paper and I am sure they ship International.…

Or you might check out Kaiser Craft out of Australia. They have many locations in your country and might have Origami paper.

Good Luck, I hope this helps. Lynne from Scrapbook Advice Answers from

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Thanks very much, I'm going to look at all the links you gave me, do some practice and then probably order some paper from Thank you!!

#10. How do I use Creative Memories scrapbook page protectors?

I'm using an 8 1/2 X 11 scrapbook and I have the protectors, but can't quite figure out how to attach them or use them...? Megan

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Scrapbook Advice Answers: Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

I don't have any of the 8 1/2 x 11, but if they are like the 12 x 12, they are two sheets of the film, seamed on the top and bottom with a very tiny seam and open on the left and right sides. You will need to open them a little and slide them onto the page carefully so as not to split the seam. You may have to curl the page just a little to get it to slide in and align the seam with the edge of your paper.

Scrapbook Advice Answers says the 12 x 12 can be eased on without taking your page out of the strap hinge. The 12 x 12 fits over the paper part of the page, with the little laminated edges on the strap side and the outside sort of sticking out from under the page protector.

This type of page protector keeps dust from settling on your pages while your books are stored upright, but they are little harder to get on. Hope this Scrapbook Advice Answers helps. Lynne from

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Thank you so much! 

#9. How do I scrapbook on patterned paper with a large background image?

I loved patterned paper pads, especially ones that have beautiful designs. But all the scrapbooks layouts I see always combine pieces of 2-3 backgrounds (usually small patterns like dots and stripes) which would destroy the large images on many of the papers I have.

Just smacking a couple of photos down in the empty spaces doesn't look great. I can't find any examples of pages done on these beautiful papers. Are there any links or suggestions on creative ways to use these papers? An example of one I'm currently working with: google "Reindeer in Air" by "little yellow bicycle" or go to http// to see one of my papers. Ally B

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker.

Scrapbook Advice Answers: Cut some photo mattes just a little larger than your photos or you can get 6 out of a 12 x 12 solid paper and trim your 4 x 6 photos 1/4 inch on 2 sides so they will fit with 1/8 border.
If you like the design and want to preserve it, just put one or two photo mattes on the patterned paper in the areas where the pattern may be less intense. Or, match some solid paper to your patterned paper and maybe cut the patterned paper to use pieces of it on the plain paper. Maybe cut the corners of the patterned paper to place on the solid paper as an accent and matte your photos on the solid or plain.

Scrapbook Advice Answers has some examples of doing this on layouts I have done without photos that may give you some ideas. Sometimes I love a printed paper, but it's too busy for putting photos on directly, so I use only parts of it.

I very seldom mix patterns on a layout, only if they are very subtle and subdued and only in small amounts. I do like to mix solids with the patterns and I think it actually stretches out that patterned paper into more layouts.

Check out these links from my Scrapbook Advice Answers website. I hope they will give you some ideas.

Scrapbook Advise Answers suggests this link has some layouts which use very bold patterned papers and photo mattes.

Here are some Christmas Layouts from Scrapbook Advice Answers - most of which use patterned paper.

And here is a page from Scrapbook Advice Answers that will show you how to get the most from your paper or card stock when you want to cut mattes. There are some diagrams for you.

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Thanks. The links were really helpful and I think I have an idea of what I can do with this page now. 

#8. Preserving Your Treasures

Vivien Leigh and Laurence Olivier By Kendra

Unfortunately this scrapbook's items were glued in as well, making it near impossible to remove individual pieces for preservation. If any of you have any tips on preserving old scrapbooks, I'd love to hear your advice. I feel like these items have to potential to be worth something if preserved correctly.

Scrapbook Advice Answers.

You might want to research two things. "Archival Mist" is a product that can be sprayed onto newspaper clippings and as I understand from many this keeps the paper from continuing to age and yellow. I am concerned that keeping them in the sheet protectors may age them more.

Scrapbook Advice Answers - Also another product called "Un Do" is a liquid in a bottle with a little scraper top is good for removing that glue and is supposed to be photo safe. I have used it on photos and stickers that were stuck down in a scrapbook, and the stickers were actually reusable (the glue stayed on) and the photos are fine. I do however suggest research on both and test on something so you can learn how to use. I wish you luck with your endeavor. Lynne

#7. Are there any songs Tegan dedicated to Sara?

I want to find sentimental yet clever lyrics to put in a scrapbook for my sister, any ideas? Preferably Tegan and Sara, but other artists will work.

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters.

Scrapbook Advice Answer: You might want to check the Library for one of 2 books by Cheryl Bradbury called Totally Toppers & Titles with 10,000 titles, 4000 quotes, 1300 poems and more! Or, her next book Scrapper’s Soup: Titles and Toppers with 22,000 title suggestions, many of which are plays on words.

Not exactly song lyrics, but there may be a poem with Sara in it. Or do an internet search "songs to Sara"


#6. What kind of pages should I have in my scrapbook?

Its my freshman year in high school and I want this scrapbook to be perfect so, what kind of things should I put in it?

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Scrapbook Advice Answer: You can put anything in your scrapbook that you want to have or anything that you think is important to you at the time. This is your book, so it will be perfect for you, whatever you do. I have been doing scrapbooks for many years, but recently found one that I had done when I was about 10 years old. I had forgotten about it - still don't remember doing it - but I couldn't have been happier had I found gold, so I consider it perfect.

I consider my Scrapbooks sort of like diaries, but with other goodies in them besides just the writing. As you go through the year, take some pictures of things you do, places you go, friends you have. Keep things like ticket stubs, wrist bands for events you go to, programs from games or party invitations.

Have a favorite teacher or class? Ask if you can take a picture of your teacher to put in your book.  What a compliment that will be! Be discreet and try not to disrupt the class. Maybe take the photo after the class is over.

Scrapbook Advice Answers suggests you could even make a copy of your report cards. I would like to see my report cards from back then. I recently found my first term paper and decided to add that to that first scrapbook I found since it was about the same time.

If you are in any clubs at school, that is another good topic for some layouts. If you are in the band, trips you took, practice sessions, events you performed.  Or, if you are on a team - team competitions, scores, etc.

I think in this case you may want to do an album in chronological order. Then you can work on it as you go along. If you get an album (8 &1/2 x 11 inches might be a good size) with sheet protectors so you can slide your layouts into the sheet protectors. If you find some things that you want to scrapbook about that was from an earlier time, you can just move the layouts out of the page protectors and add new ones in.

I have a Quick Start Guide on my website where I give scrapbook advice - on how to start with pictures, two-page layouts, how to pick an album, etc. Here's the link from Scrapbook Advice Answers:

Don't be to overly concerned about Perfect. Just have fun with this and enjoy it and put in things that you want to remember. Here's a link to show you a couple of pages from that first scrapbook I found and you will see how I have progressed over the years. All scrapbooks are perfect!

Good Luck. Lynne

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Thank u so much!!!!!  this was really helpful.  

#5. What should I put in a scrapbook about Johnny Depp?

For English Class, I have to make a scrapbook about someone famous. So I chose Depp. I've never made one before or know what to put in it.
Have any ideas? My teacher didn't say we had to put anything specific in it. Any ideas?

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

From Scrapbook Advice Answers: Do you have any pictures of him? If not, start with the internet, and find some press releases perhaps about his movies or other things he may have done and maybe you can get those printed out.  Movie type magazines may help as well - probably check the library as they carry issues of mags and newspapers.  Research some information about his life, use something biographical which it seems like the assignment may really be about.

Usually a scrapbook has photos on a page and a title and writing about the photo or event. If you can find photos of some of his movies, you may want to make the movie Title the page Title as well, and then see if you can find out where and when the movie was filmed, if anything notable happened during the filming, how long it took to film, how much it cost to make, how the box office did in that first week of release, did he win any awards for the movie, etc. All of that should be available in the internet under the movie titles.

If you can't find anything particular about the movie, maybe do a mini critique of the movie, sort of book report fashion. If you have not seen the movie, perhaps what the critics said. Maybe even what the critics said verses your interpretation or verses how the movie actually did.

You could do your own critique of each movie you saw.

If you can't find any pictures, you could do a top-ten list. Top Ten movies, top-ten reasons you like him as an actor, etc. You could list them in chronological order or in order of importance based on awards won, or based on the total box office if you can find that information.

Or, you might want to do your research first and see what type of information you come up with and you might just see a format for the scrapbook unfold as you do your research.

You may want to put in a Title page, the first page of the book, to sort of announce who the book is a about - possibly with a little biographical information about him - when & where he was born, etc.

Good Luck with your book. I hope you get a good grade.

I have a scrapbook book website that gives scrapbook advice and I have a lot of photos of scrapbook layouts that I have done. You may want to check it out.
Here is a link to the Quick Start Guide from Scrapbook Advice Answers.

or for Themed Books

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Thanks! =]

#4. How do I Organize Photos to Present to a Friend Upon Retirement?

I am organizing some scanned photos, as well as cards, letters, etc. for a friend's retirement. What would be a good way to present them to him? I thought about a scrapbook, but I don't really know his taste. Would it look tacky to put it in a notebook in some plastic sheet protectors? That way, he could organize them the way he wants. 

Best of the Scrapbook Advice Answers - Chosen by Asker

Scrapbook Advice Answers suggests that you should go ahead and organize them as best you can and actually put them in something more permanent and a little nicer than a notebook and sheet protectors. He probably would not consider a notebook tacky, but I doubt very seriously that he will "work" on re-organizing them after you have presented them and I think it would be nicer if you gave him something like a completed scrapbook that could be used as something he can show off your work as an excuse to show off his accomplishments. You know guys don't want to brag about some things of their own, but your work, now that's another story.

I have done several Retirement Scrapbooks for our local Sheriff's Department Retirees and I did not know how to sort the photos and mementos, but I did the best I could and just tried to sort them by the apparent vintage based on the hair styles and by guessing the age of the recipient. Don't forget that photos usually have a date on them. If you can't tell - sort by Color and/or size. I know it's tough, and you won't get it perfect, but it will be much nicer and I think, in the long run, you will be much happier with the product afterwards.

Think ahead that you might with later that you had done a little extra.

Scrapbook Advice Answers suggests that if you don't have much time, use one of those white 3-ring binders where you can slide paper or card stock behind the clear back and front covers and maybe decorate the front with his name and dates of work or just the date of the Retirement. Then on the inside just attach the photos to some nice card stock or some printed papers and some embellishments, even it it's just some strips of paper - like paper ribbons - to decorate the pages just a tad. If you want to tell him later that he can slide the card stock out and re-arrange the pages, do each front and back on an individual 8 1/2 x 11 sheet or card stock and then you have accomplished both of your ideas.

I think the sorting through the collection of items is really the hard part.
Good Luck and Have fun. It’s a Great idea.

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Asker's Comment:

Thank you. This is what I was looking for. I will be going to a nearby town probably Saturday to look for scrapbooking stuff. I think I am going to get a scrapbook and some of those clear pages. I don't think I can handle trying to deal with photo corners and glue. Thanks again.

#3. Plz, HELP! Help me think of a catchy title!?

I am making a "scrapbook" on Ancient Greece. It is making comparisons between Greece and America. Would someone help me think of a catchy title?

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

Scrapbook Advice Answers says I have recommended this lady's book three times today already. Seems everyone needs titles.

It’s a little pink book by Cheryl Bradbury called Totally Toppers & Titles with 10,000 titles, 4000 quotes, 1300 poems and more! This has been great inspiration for page titles and journaling.

Now she has come out with Scrapper’s Soup: Titles and Toppers with 22,000 title suggestions, many of which are plays on words.

I sell both on my website, but check out the Library and you may be able to get quicker help that way. Good Luck.

#2. Help with a scrapbook for a gift?

As a gift to my Mom, I am making her a scrapbook of our family and lives and such.
However, I need help figuring out captions and pictures and what I should include in the scrapbook.   I have never done a scrapbook before, and your help would be greatly appreciated!  What are some good things to include in a scrapbook about our family [immediate]?
Thanks in advance!

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters

Hopefully you have photos and let the photos dictate the titles for the pages and the journaling.

Scrapbook Advice Answers suggests to divide up the photos by topic or event. If you only have one photo, do a page around that and you can add a lot of journaling about what happened and how the event was meaningful to your mom, you family and you.

If you have brothers and sisters, ask them about events that you have photos from and ask them what they remember - use some of that for your journaling and titles. Let the titles flow from your discussions.

The prior suggestion about writing the journaling "to your mother" is wonderful. I did a book for my mother years ago and left some blank journaling blocks to add some of her memories as well.

I have found a book that has a lot of Titles and Jornaling ideas. A little pink book by Cheryl Bradbury called Totally Toppers & Titles with 10,000 titles, 4000 quotes, 1300 poems and more! This has been great inspiration for page titles and journaling and several times the titles dictated the photos that I took just so I could use them in my layouts. Kind of backwards Scrapbooking!

Now she has come out with Scrapper’s Soup: Titles and Toppers with 22,000 title suggestions, many of which are plays on words.

You might be able to find one of her books in a local library. It's been a great resource to me. I sell these on my website, but I suggest the Library as you may be trying to get this done by Christmas. Good Luck.

Here's the page link from Scrapbook Advice Answers

#1. I am making a scrapbook for my best friend and need ideas.

She helped me run for school president and I am planning on making a page about that. I'm on a tight budget and time crunch. I have 3 pictures I want to use. Thanks for all and any ideas!

Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

Scrapbook Advice Answers suggests that since this campaign was for School, I would start out with your school colors if they can fit along with the colors in the photos. Do you have a school mascot that would be appropriate?

If you did campaign signs and have a photo of one, use that, or make a couple of mini campaign signs to use on the page or pages as embellishments and for journaling. With 3 photos, the mini signs would help you add items to make a two page layout which always looks nicer than just one page.

Use one of the mini campaign signs to talk about her - list the things she did to help you. Use journaling to tell how much you appreciate her assistance and how much her friendship means to you.

I hope you were successful in your bid - if you were use the results as another journaling box or title.

Good Luck, Lynne

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Thank you so much this is a great idea!

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