Scrapbook Tutorials

We have collected our Scrapbook Tutorials and hope they help you out.

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Especially when you are not quite certain how to do something, nothing helps more than a few photos or videos.

Scrapbooking Ideas

Here's a tutorial on using your Stamps to do Rubber Stamp Embossing to provide a very elegant and high class look to your scrapbook layouts and other paper crafting projects.

We also have Scrapbook Tutorials on how to efficiently and quickly cut your Photo Mattes at the Photo Matte Tutorial to save you time and paper. These diagrams show you how to cut both 12 x 12 and 8 1/2 x 11 papers.

Have trouble using and mixing those lovely Patterned Scrapbook Papers? Check out our Tips for using Patterned Paper Tutorial #1 in an elegant way and some additional uses of Patterned Paper at the Patterned Paper Tutorial #2 using another set of Coordinated papers.

Or may you just want a Scrapbooking Tutorial to learn how to Creatively Crop Your Photos to add a special focal point to your layouts.

Once you have cropped your photos, take a look at Decorative Craft Scissors for an inexpensive but creative touch that can recreate the old deckle edge photos.

Or, maybe you want to know about the Sew Easy Tool, Sew Ribbon Tool or the Sew Stamper by We R Memory Keepers. Here's a quick review of all 3 tools that will make it easy to add that sewn look to your cards and scrapbook layouts without your sewing machine. There is also a store to price or purchase one of the Sew Easy items.

Want to use Scrapbooking Chalk to enhance your papers and die cuts to give your crafting a very artistic look?  Here are some examples of the chalk sets available and some examples of what you can do with them - quickly and inexpensively.

For an assortment of Scrapbook Technique and ways to use Glimmer Mist and the Glimmer Mist Store to add a wonderful sheen to your layouts and embellishments and Scrapbooking Examples using Glimmer Mist & the Glimmer Glass Garden Gate Album and some additional Tips and Techniques using the Glimmer Mist Frosty Memories Album.

For embellishments on your Scrapbook pages, cards and other paper crafting projects, check out our Scrapbooking tutorials on Spirella Designs Thread Techniques, or Bargello Scrapbook Embellishments.  

Don't know what these are?  Take a look at these Scrapbook Techniques, I am sure you will love them. They look complicated, but are very easy. And they both use up scraps and leftovers. Use them on cards and you will "WOW" your friends & family.

Take a look also at our page that shows off the beautiful Dicrofiber Scrapbook Embellishments - also stunning but quick and easy to do.

We have a collection of Encaustic Wax Tutorials that you can use for scrapbooking and card making at Encaustic Wax and a store for you to purchase the supplies, tools and papers for this ancient craft.

We have also just added some information on Iris Folding and 2 places to purchase the supplies, patterns and papers.

Are you thinking about a Recipe Scrapbook to collect those Holiday Recipes?  Check out our Tips & Suggestions for making the Best Recipe Scrapbooks and even a  Digital Recipe Scrapbook Tutorial.

And last, but not least, check out what amazing things can be done with a craft knife and ruler for making Mosaic Scrapbook Pagekits.

Rubber Stamping & Card Making Tutorials

In addition to our Scrapbook Tutorials we also provide a selection of Tutorials for Rubber Stamps to educate you on the differences in Rubber Stamps.

We have a Tutorial on Mounting & Using Unmounted Rubber Stamps and another on Rubber Stamp Conditioning to get the best images out of your new stamps.

We have a great Tutorial on using your Inks in a Technique called Direct Ink to Paper and a link to purchase some elegant Color Me Paper to use with this technique.

We also have some Quick Rubber Stamping Tips and a list of Things to Avoid with Stamping.

Also included is a Quick Rubber Stamp Embossing Tutorial and a page with a collection of Michael Strong Videos on using his Cloisonne Stamps with some fabulous stamping and embossing techniques for cards and scrapbooking. Lots of general Scrapbook Tips & Advice.

Card Making Tutorials & Ideas

In addition to our Scrapbook Tutorials we also provide a selection of Christmas Card Making Tutorials with great techniques that can be used for any card giving occasion. Cards are a great way to use up those beautiful scraps we generate.

Then we show some Card Ideas using some stamps from my favorite Stamp line Michael Strong's Cloisonne Stamps with a technique to recycle some catalogs or magazines. Or a Tutorial on Michael Strong's Hand Painted Background Technique.

Next we show some other Card Making Ideas for World Card Making Day - the first Saturday in October.

Lastly we show some Card Making Resources with some suggestions on Magazines and Kit Clubs devoted to Card Making.

Jewelry Making & Home Decor

Yes, these are Scrapbook Tutorials as well, because they use Scrapbook Supplies.

Some of those great Scrapbooking Supplies that we all have in our stash can also be used to make simple, inexpensive jewelry. Check out our Pendant Jewelry Tutorial to see what you can do with items you probably already have in your stash and to see a Jewelry Pendant Kit.

Adding some Scrapbook Embellishments using Alcohol Ink and carrying that into some Home Decor items is easy to do with the Alcohol Ink Tutorial & Store.

Photography Tips!

Isn't the focus of 99% of our Scrapbooking efforts the Photographs? We currently have added a page on Taking Great Fireworks Photos at Great Fireworks Photos.

We have added some Floral Photography Tips, and some Winter & Cold Weather Photography Tips, and even found some Air Show Photo Tips.

We also have a page on taking Great Beach Photography Tips.
Also included are Halloween Photography Tips and Layout Ideas at Halloween Photography Tips.

In the future we hope to add additional articles by professional photographers to help you improve your photography skills.

If you are looking for something particular in the way of Scrapbook Tutorials, let us know at the Contact Us Form and we will see what we can find for you.

Check out the 10-Step Quick Start Guide to scrapbooking for beginners

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