Taking Fireworks Photos

Taking Fireworks Photos is not hard if you know some specific tricks. Every 4th of July and New Year’s Eve we have to opportunity to experience Fireworks, many are Display Fireworks put on for large groups and some are the smaller backyard Consumer Fireworks.

I have collected here a few articles with Tips & Tricks that may help you with capturing some great Fireworks Photos to use with your Scrapbooking and to show you a few Fireworks Layout Ideas I have used recently.

How to take Great Fireworks Photos How to take Great Fireworks Photos

I tried for several years with both Film and Digital Point and Shoot cameras to get good photos, but they just seemed to fall short. Over the years I have learned that I need a long exposure time and with that comes a way to hold the camera very still during that shot.

How to take Great Fireworks Photos How to take Great Fireworks Photos

The first time I got good Fireworks Shots was when I watched a display from a quiet beach area and had the opportunity to actually lie down on the beach. I was able to focus the camera straight up and position the camera against my face. That’s when it dawned on me that one trick to Taking Fireworks Photos was I needed a tripod or a wall or fence post to keep the camera as steady as possible during the long exposure!

Shortly after that I started to read articles that told me to do just that. I am certainly not a professional photographer so I will defer to those who are, but here you will find a collections of articles by the pros for both digital and film suggestions for Taking Fireworks Photos of both Display and Consumer Fireworks that I am sure you will find helpful.

These articles published in March 2009 Photo Tips Newsletter by the New York Institute of Photography give instructions and show example photos as well at NYIP March 2009 Newsletter.

These have been republished in 2010 from Ritz camera in an article by Jim Barthman Shooting Fireworks with a Digital Camera which focuses first on the planning of your photo shoot all the way through to how to perfect your images through PhotoShop. It is compete with a chart showing ISO Settings and Aperture Ranges.

This next article by Jim Barthman How to Photograph Fireworks - or - Have Fun on the 4th of July discusses those 2 fundamental things of the exposure time and having a solid platform for your camera.

How to take Great Fireworks Photos How to take Great Fireworks Photos

This third article by Chuck DeLaney Photographing Fireworks in Your Back Yard focuses on backyard fireworks photography tips and special precautions that need to be taken for safety.

These articles have helped me get better photos and I hope they will help you improve your Taking of Fireworks Photos as well. Use them to give you some ideas to experiment. Use the portions of them that fit your camera and your level of experience and practice, practice, practice.

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How to take Great Fireworks Photos How to take Great Fireworks Photos

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