Photography Do Not Do List

We are adding our Photography Do Not Do List to help you avoid some mistakes, some of them costly and some even embarrassing.

Event Photography - Don’t wait to take photos 'till the end of the party when folks are tired, maybe had too much to drink, or just don’t look their best. And along the same lines, don't forget to take photos of the decorations both inside and out and of the food early on ....more at Halloween Photo Tips

Camera Equipment - Don't forget Extra Memory Cards and Batteries. What a shame to be at the beach or a very special event and have to worry about your camera when you can't even take pictures with it. I can't tell you how many times I let parents at my college employer have spare batteries to take photos of the big event. ....more at Beach Photo Tips

Outdoor or Travel Photo Safety - Don’t just hand your camera to a complete stranger to take a photo, and be very careful if you set it up to take your own photo so it doesn’t fall or get knocked over.

Don’t get so caught up in your photo op that you get careless, or step into a dangerous area. And don’t forget about posing your subjects so they won’t step backwards into the great landscape and disappear - it happens & has had very serious outcomes!

Remember the Wild Animal incidents at and near Yellowstone National Park in the summer of 2010. And folks can easily back of the edge of a cliff or curb while trying to get their photo in the view finder. This part of the Photography Do Not Do List is common sense but it's only human to get caught up in circumstances.

Hometown Photos - Don't Forget About all the Great Photo Ops in Your Own Hometown. There are interesting things that you have not experienced at home, so take a mini-vacation some weekend and stay home like we did to check out the history of ....Charleston SC or the ....South Carolina Aquarium

Bad Photos - Don’t Toss the Bad Photos. Cut them up and use the for Mosaic Scrapbook Page Kits. Two years ago I discovered these by Tami Potter of Wish in the Wind and they have worked great for a lot of my photos that don't always turn out perfect but have some good qualities ....more at Mosaic Moments

Post Cards and Brochures - Don’t disregard Post Cards and Brochures as they are a great source for some of the best photos and they also have interesting facts on the back that you can .... see at the Road Trip Scrapbook

or the ....Yellowstone National Park Scrapbook

or the ....Biltmore Estate Scrapbook #1

Hopefully avoiding some of these Photography Do Not Do List Pitfalls listed here you will save your self some money, time, effort and maybe even an accident while you get better photos.

Let us know via the Contact Us Form in the upper right hand column if you have any suggestions you would like to share with us to help improve our advice. You might get a little Thank You Gift in the mail.

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