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The Citadel Military College -
- School Mascots

There comes a time when School Mascots are treated as royalty These Pet Mascot Scrapbook Layouts started out with that idea in mind after their birthday parties. Named "Boo" and "General", these two Bulldogs seem to be some of the lucky ones - they get special attention everywhere they go.

School Mascot or Pet Scrapook Layout School Mascot or Pet Scrapook Layout

Pet Mascot - A Birthday Party?

This event, the birthday party for The Citadel Mascots and the photos of the event taken by the school photographer, Mr Pace, sparked these layouts.

It is not often that one sees a Bulldog, much less two of them, wearing Party Hats. And to have them sitting in chairs with a Birthday cake and a One Year candle was just too much. These photos just begged to be scrapped.

I used the Club Scrap kit papers from Mosaic Twist, with citrus colors and graphics, to emphasize that by a "Twist of Birth" these two Bulldogs really have a good life.

School Mascot or Pet Scrapook Layout School Mascot or Pet Scrapook Layout

Pet Mascots - Personal Body Guard?

These photos on these two Scrapbook Layouts were taken when one of the cadets who had been standing guard duty, brought the dogs around for a visit. Of course, everything stops while the dogs are pampered and petted.

This day, General decided he liked the cool tile floor, and we couldn't get him to get up. As he was carefully pulled along the floor, he was determined to stay with us for a while longer.

The background paper has the mosaic squares to represent the tile floor. The journaling tags tell about being late for noon formation and sliding across the blue tile floor. The embellishments on the right are some blue plastic tiles. The fibers and letter squares were also included in the Club Scrap kit Mosaic Twist.

Pet or Mascot Scrapbook Layout Pet or Mascot Scrapbook Layout

Pet Mascot - Luxury Condo?

These two Scrapbook Layouts all used photos that were taken by the Staff Photographer at The Citadel Military College of South Carolina.

They show our two Bulldog Mascots, Boo & General as they are on duty during the day.

They are shown guarding the Front Gate, watching a Military Dress Parade as the cadets "pass in review", having the typical military photo taken in front of The American Flag.

Additional photos show then hob knobbing with our U. S. Senator Fritz Hollings, riding in the back of their very own personal truck, and the ultimate - being hand carried while napping.

The last photo shows "General" in front of his dog house, a replica of the barracks on campus, complete with an American Flag on top, his name emblazoned on front, and the rank of a 5-star General. I wouldn't be surprised to find out it has central heat and air!
***Luxury, That's All I Can Say!***

So do something fun and crazy. Take some great photos of your pet in some different situations and have a little fun with your Pet Mascot Scrapbook Layouts. Scrapbooking pets can be so much fun, especially if you treat them like Royalty.

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