Michael Strong Videos

using Cloisonne Rubber Stamps

Here I have collected a few of the Michael Strong Videos which show him demonstrating his beautiful and versatile Cloisonne Rubber Stamps - these, I must admit, are my favorite stamps.

After you have seen these videos, try some of these projects yourself and come back and enter photos or images of your projects into our Michael Strong Gallery and compete for a Gift Card Prize.


This Video originally from CraftTV.com shows Michael using his Frame Stamp from the Cloisonne Rubber Stamp Collection.
Silver Lining


This Michael Strong Video shows more ideas for using his Cloisonne Frame Stamp and the many different ways it can be used in whole and in pieces.
Endless Possibilities


In this Video Michael shows some stunning ways to use his Heart Stamp from the Cloisonne Rubber Stamp collection and the many different ways it can be alone or in a group.
Hearts Overflowing


This Video shows more ideas for using his Cloisonne Butterfly Stamp.
Butterflies Are Free


This Video shows Michael using his Cloisonne Pot Stamp, showing the many ways it can be used.
Divide and Conquer


This video and the next show Michael using his 3 Octagon Stamps from the Cloisonne Rubber Stamps Collection. It was filmed in the Netherlands with a friend Hetty. There is no one working the camera to get a closer view so I would suggest enlarging it to a full screen to see it best. Same with the next one.
Octagon Slot Card

This video is in 2 parts. You will see the option for Part 2 when the first video ends.

This Video again shows Michael in the Netherlands with Hetty using his 3 Cloisonne Octagon Stamps to make a gate fold card. It is in three parts.
Octagon Again

I hope you have enjoyed these videos as much as I do. They have some excellent ideas that can be adapted and changed to suit many needs. Try one for yourself and click on the link just below to enter your submission and try for a Gift Card or a free set of Michael Strong's Cloisonne Stamps from me.

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