Heritage Scrapbook Layouts

for Single Photos

Here are a few Heritage Scrapbook Layouts for some of those single photos you may have of your family. One typical problem with the older heritage photos is often no other photos to add to your layouts.

If you scrap single photos, what do you do with the layout on the opposite side of the page?

Hopefully, these examples below will give you some ideas and scrapbook advice tips.

Heritage Scrapbook Baby Layout

This Heritage Scrapbook Layout photo was one of the early professional photos and didn't really need much in the way of a layout. This was a piece of a small floral design heritage paper that had an oval cut out with decorative edge scissors.

The photo was placed behind the paper and attached to a white card stock to hold it in place.

Scrapbook-Advice.com Tip: There is no journaling on this Heritage Scrapbook Layout as the layout on the opposing side of the album actually held the birth certificate using the same background heritage paper.


Heritage Scrapbook Child Layout

We had a couple of photos of this little girl and only guessed that she was 4 at the time of the photos because of the dress she had on. Again, these were professional photos.

We found some heritage paper that was printed in the sepia tones with some frames. We cut out the center of the frames and placed the pictures behind them.

For the matching Heritage Scrapbook Layout, we had a matching piece of the heritage paper that the flowers and the column were hand cut from and attached to this page for some embellishments.

The journaling, which is only her name, is on the matching layout with 2 other photos taken the same time. The journaling letters were hand cut and matched the "4 years."


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Heritage College Scrapbook Layout Heritage College Scrapbook Layout

Here are two Heritage Scrapbook Layouts using an unusual find of 2 photos taken for my mother's college graduation. Although they were in Sepia tone, I added some color with the Red Roses and Maroon Die Cut. One of significant things about the graduation ceremonies from the College of Charleston was, and still is, the fact that graduates do not wear caps and gowns, but the women wear white dresses and carry a bouquet of red roses and the men wear tuxedos.

The die cut "College of Charleston" I had made at my local scrapbook store and is in the school color, Maroon. The roses used as photo corners and the other rose embellishments were from Jolee's. The large rose was actually a card purchased from Barnes & Nobel bookstore a number of years ago.


Heritage Scrapbook Layout Heritage Scrapbook Layout

While I was planning some sort of family tree thing here, I was able to find these 2 large photos of my parents, one from 1945 before they were married and 1950 after they were married so create some matching single photo layouts.

Scrapbook-Advice.com Tip: While these Heritage photos were not really taken at the same time, the layouts and background heritage papers actually bring them together.

The multi-blue background heritage papers went well with the black and white photos. I also used this blue as it was the same color as my mothers dress. The blue is a vellum 12 x 12 sheet, cut out and I used the frame for one side and the center portion for the other side layout.

The floral punched items at the top and bottom of the pages and the 1/4 inch paper ribbons were cut from left over scraps of the heritage papers from behind the photos.


Heritage Scrapbook Layout Child

Here is another of the single photos for Heritage Scrapbook Layout that we had, and although it was in black and white, we remembered that the dress was red corduroy. So, in order to bring out that fact, we scrapped it using the red patterned heritage paper and the white die cut of "School Days" - that must have been where she was headed off to with her little lunch box in tow.

The other die cuts on the sides of the page matched the title due cut.


Heritage Child Scrapbook Layout

This "Santa" photo was used for the matching Heritage Scrapbook Layout on the opposite page from the "School Days" photo because of the similar red paper and white die cuts.

We had the "Merry Christmas" die cut and the "Holly Leaves", but nothing to match the School Days page to go down the sides. We made the side borders by punching out mini pine cones from some white paper and gluing them down top to bottom. We made these pages match.

I would be willing to bet there are a lot of these first visits with Santa Clause photos hanging around for many of us.


Heritage Layout

Back when we talked about Embellishments, we mentioned that you could buy them specifically for scrapbooking or use things already around the house.

Check out Scrapbook Embellishments to see some more examples of where to get embellishments.

This Heritage Scrapbook Layout uses some doilies to spruce up one of those heritage photos that we had and made a frame by cutting the doilies in half, then folding them and inserting them around the oval cut out to fit the picture. Other doilies were used on the corners and sides of the layout.

The background heritage paper was black with white flecks, to match the outfit in the photos, which was not too stark and went nicely with the doilies.


Heritage Photos Scrapbook Layout

This is not one of those heritage photos. It is really a posed photo in a period costume, but it certainly resembles many of the very early photos, if we are lucky enough to have them.

The costume, hat and the chair were real antiques, however.

Scrapbook-Advice.com Tip: Very little was done on this layout, with the exception of some scroll work on the frame around the picture and then some stickers on the background heritage paper to surround the frame itself.


Heritage Photo Scrapbook Layout

Now this photo could be considered one of the real heritage photos. This Heritage Scrapbook Layout is of my grandfather, a photo taken in 1900 when he was 11 years old.

Scrapbook-Advice.com Tip: The image was actually on an old "Tin Type" - a photograph that was on a rounded tin plate. I have the original, but had it scanned and reproduced into an actual photograph in 5 x 7 size.

The photo was placed on a background heritage paper of brown and gold leaves (to replicate the background in the photo) and then over the photo was placed a die cut of mosaic squares. All of the squares were punched out of the frames and the part of the frame squares that was over the photo were also cut out to show the photo.

His name was used for the the title and I had some large letter squares that were about the same height as the squares in the die cut.


Heritage Photo Scrapbook Layout

This photo layout is the matching one to my grandfather's layout. It's my grandmother, but is a much newer photo. It was an old, tiny Polaroid taken around 1965 and was very faded. Scrapbook-Advice.com Tip: I took it to a photo shop and had the photo enlarged and color corrected just a little and then printed in 5 x 7 format. I had it done specifically to go with my grandfathers layout.

For this layout I used a similar color background heritage paper, and then used the punched out squares from the die cut, to high light the corners for the photo and down the sides. Her name was used for the Title using the same letter stickers, from by opposing layout.


Heritage Military Photo Layout Heritage Military Photo Layout

This military photo of my father as a very young man first in service to his country. I am guessing this was taken the first part of 1942 as he went into the Army Air Corps service in January of that year.

For these Heritage Scrapbook Layouts, I found some vintage type scrapbook paper for the World War I era with the airplanes and the Army Air Corp emblem, so I thought it was perfect. The "Aim High" sticker across the bottom of the page was added from a group of modern day Air Force stickers. Those are also stickers along the sides and bottom of the photo showing the stripes in the same sepia tones.


Hetiage Military Scrapbook Layout

Scrapbook-Advice.com Tip: This layout, which is the opposing layout for my Dad's photo, was something I really had to manufacture, since I had no other photos from this time period.

He was a flyer, so I went on line and found some photos of the aircraft that he flew in and I printed them out on my photographic printer at home. Some were quite small and some I cut out with scissors in the shape of the planes.

These small photos were put into a collage on a matching background heritage paper and added a little color to the 2-page spread.


Heritage Photo Scrapbook Layout Heritage Photo Scrapbook Layout

For these Heritage Scrapbook Layouts, two very tiny photos of my mother were each placed on a single page and framed to be much larger with the same heritage paper cut into mattes or frames to surround the photos. I made two single photo layouts that matched.

Scrapbook-Advice.com Tip: The photos were not the same size, but I added strips of the matting paper to the top and bottom of one and to the sides of another to make them appear the same size.

To keep the layouts simple, the only other embellishments were the paper flowers to match the colors of the mattes.


Heritage Photo Scrapbook Layout

Here is one of the family photos from the late 1980's. This young lady has a big collection of "Cowboy Boots" so we took photos of several pair of the boots. The individual boot photos were cropped in the shape of the boots and glued around the frame of the photo. The background paper was a blue denim with red bandanna strips to go with the western theme.

While not really an antique photo like many of the others on this page, the page can still be considered a Heritage Scrapbook Layout.


Hopefully, these few samples of Heritage Scrapbook Layouts will give you some scrapbook advice for scrapping something that you don't really have - extra stuff you need for the opposing layout.
Have fun and use your imagination.

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