Deployed Military Care Packages

Items to Send

For Contributions in support of The Citadel Heroes in sending Deployed Military Care Packages, please mail anything you have to Col J. Carter, c/o The Citadel Military College of SC, Dept of HESS (Health, Exercise & Sports Sciences), 171 Moultrie Street, Charleston SC 29409.

All donated items will be re-packaged at The Citadel for proper military-style shipping. Here is a list of suggested items that are non-perishable, durable and approved for shipment to the war zones for the United States Military. Please send items you wish to donate in one single box.

If it would be easier to send a donation to cover the cost of some of the postage, please send your check to the above address. Mailing these boxes is quite expensive to mail and when there are hundreds, the cost can be difficult to manage.

If you have any cards to the Troops that you would like to have enclosed in the Care Packages, send them along also. You can make your own cards and sign them, or purchase cards. You may send the cards with envelopes in a larger envelope, again to the above address.

Over the years, there have been many grateful recipients of these packages from The Citadel Heroes Group. They always seem to be a surprise, come at times that they are really needed, and let our service men and women know they are in our thoughts and prayers.

Hopefully one day soon, these Deployed Military Care Packages will not be necessary.

Packages of condiments

Tuna or chicken salad with crackers

Tuna pouches

Beef jerky

Trail mix

Powered drink mixes

Sugar & cream packages

Tea bags

Instant oatmeal

Cream of Wheat

Instant cocoa

Instant apple cider mix

Microwave popcorn

Sunflower seeds

Cracker Jacks

Individual packs of cookies

Protein bars

Granola Bars

Pop Tarts

Small boxes/bags of gum and candy

Velcro dart games



Tennis balls

Paddle ball

Card games

DVDs, Music CDs

Crossword puzzles

Word search games

Crew socks—white, black, sand-colored

White cotton t-shirts

Unscented antiperspirants

Travel-size foot powder

Baby powder

Gold Bond powder

Hand warmers

Dark-colored knitted caps

Mesh laundry bags

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