Corvette Show Scrapbook Layouts

These Corvette Show Scrapbook Layouts were completed just minutes after the car show was over. I took the camera disk to a drug store and had the photos developed at a Kiosk. The Themed Scrapbook layouts were already done about 2 years earlier when I had received the Club Scrap August 2008 Crusin' Kit.

I had these Themed Scrapbook Layouts in the back of my mind when I took my photos. I had used some of them earlier and gave them as gifts to some friends, but these I will be keeping for myself.

Corvette Car Show Scrapbook Layouts Corvette Car Show Scrapbook Layouts

These Corvette Show Scrapbook Layouts were done using the Assembly Line Scrapbooking (ALSB) method that I first learned about 5 years ago from Club With each of their kits, they will supply measurements and cutting guides for each layout, making the best possible use of the papers and embellishments. I actually got 14 layouts from their Sr. Kit which is shipped out on the first of each month.

Corvette Car Show Scrapbook Layouts Corvette Car Show Scrapbook Layouts

Shortly after I arrived home, it took only about 15 minutes to add the photos to these pages. Now I did have to turn some of the photo mattes from vertical to horizontal, but that was pretty easy. When I first put them together, I use very little adhesive so I can turn something when the time comes to add the photos.

I added the journaling by hand on the Green print paper on the right side. The design of the classic old motel sign was a great place to document the facts about the Corvette Show Scrapbook. I used each shape as a separate journaling square.

I hope you got an interesting idea here for scraping your Car Show photos. While the theme of the Kit from Club Scrap featured older vehicles, I thought it worked well for all the cars in the show which ranged from 1958 to 2010!

I also used some layouts from this kit to showcase some older cars and those can be seen on the Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts - April Challenge.


Custom Corvette Scrapbook Layout using phone photos Custom Corvette Scrapbook Layout using phone photos

Another Example for the Corvette Show Scrapbook Layouts done quickly.  These Custom Corvette Layouts were digital layouts done with photos from my cell phone and were done for a challenge.  I was at the Corvette shop the day I received an email about the challenge to do some layouts with phone photos, so I whipped them up in my Heritage Makers Digital Scrapbook system to enter in the Challenge.  There is certainly a varying quality to the phone photos; some very clear, some fuzzy.

Both of these layouts use double matting of gray to match the background paper and red, of course, to go with the red car, and simple red lettering.

The left layout uses double mattes of and Red, Purple and Yellow to go with the Shredder Car.  The base of this car is Yellow (I am sure a custom color), and as you progress across the car, it appears to have been through some barbed wire which strips off the yellow and purple to reveal a Clear Red on the Front.  The paint job is Awesome and belongs to Kerry Jamison of

Jamison's Custom Corvette in North Charleston, SC.

The lettering used was wire - colored to match the colors in the car.  I wanted to find some digital images of barbed wire, but it was not available in the Heritage Makers system, but when I get them from the printer, I will put a Cricut border of barbed wire around the right page layout - thus mixing Traditional and Digital Scrapbooking.


Hope you enjoyed these and can get some ideas for your own car show Scrapbook Layouts.

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