Christmas Card Making Ideas

using stamps from the

Michael Strong Cloisonne Collection

All of the Christmas Card making ideas shown on this page were made with 3 stamps from the Michael Strong Cloisonne Stamps Collection, the Cloisonne Christmas Tree, Ornament and Circle to make my Holiday Stamps.

These are all simple variations, with a few minor changes to make each card different.

Here's the link to Michael Strong's web site, and another to the Michael Strong Yahoo group that posts other examples and tutorials.

Cloisonne Tree Stamp Card 1

All of the stamped images were done the same way. Using a technique that Michael has come up with, the images were stamped on shiny paper from an old magazine or catalog with a Versamark stamp pad and then embossed with either gold or silver embossing powder.
The background showing through under the stamp makes each image truly unique.

Cloisonne Ornament Circle Card

The images for these Christmas Card Ideas were then hand cut and mounted directly to either black or white glossy card stock. The detail of the cloisonne prevents you from seeing the actual background images.

For these, I took some time out one evening and stamped a bunch of images from a Christmas catalog that had a number of red, green. gold and blue images that fit the colors of the season.

Later I matched them up "color wise" to add to the card fronts.

Cloisonne Tree Stamp Card 8

This card uses green trees, one embossed with gold and one embossed with silver.

The Christmas Card Making Idea images are mounted directly onto white glossy card stock.

Cloisonne Tree Stamp Card

These two Christmas Card Ideas show tree images stamped on mottled red & green background and mounted directly to the black glossy cardstock.

Cloisonne Tree Stamp Card 5

This card with the red tree and red round ornament show another unique feature of Michael Strong's Cloisonne stamps.

The Round Ornament is actually the Circle stamp with the center section of the tapered ornament stamp cut off to use for the hanger portion of the ornament.

All of the Cloisonne stamp images can be cut along the image lines and used in individual pieces. Here is a link to one image on Michael Strong's page and the many ways just one of his stamps can be used.

Michael Strong Multiple Use Stamp Images

Some of the other Christmas Card Making ideas and images like these below were mounted instead on a card front that had some background images made with a child's toy Spirograph. The ultimate in going Green and trying to recycle.

Cloisonne Tree Stamp Card 4 Cloisonne Tree Stamp Card

Both of these Christmas Card Making Ideas were basically the same with both using the background of Solar Gold "Glimmer Mist" applied to the card stock with a paint brush while in the Spirograph.

The Glimmer Mist will add a little sparkle to your cards, just the thing to accelerate your Christmas Card Making ideas to a more professional look. Keep looking for more on Glimmer Mist and a link to their website.

One card is on black glossy the other on white glossy cardstock. Both cards were scored about 1/4 inch from the outer edge of the cards to "frame" the background cardstock, although it is hard to see in the scans.

The placement of the trees were different to show the background, with the one tree placed off the background slightly.


Cloisonne Tree Stamp Card 6

This card background was done on the Spirograph using Ocean Wave "Glimmer Mist" applied with a paint brush to make the swirl and then sprayed directly onto the background for the lighter effect.

Also, to accentuate some of the card front, the card was scored using a Scor-it Tool along the outside border of the card.

Here's a link to more information on the Scor-it Tool and how to use it.

Also here's a link to more information on the spectacular addition of the glimmer and sheen added by using the "Glimmer Mists" at the Glimmer Mist Tutorial Page & Store or check out the Glimmer Mist examples page with a bunch more options for Glimmer Mist.

Cloisonne Tree Stamp Card 3

The background on this card was made on the Spirograph using Poppy Red "Glimmer Mist" with a combination of paint brush and direct spray application to the cardstock.

Cloisonne Tree Stamp Card 10

The background on this card was made on the Spirograph using Iridescent Gold "Glimmer Mist" with direct spray application to the ivory cardstock.

Cloisonne Tree Stamp Card

This card background done on the Spirograph using Oyster "Glimmer Mist" with paint brush and direct spray.

The background was placed to the side of the white glossy card, and score lines made around the card and 4 score lines on the right side of the card for an artistic element.

Cloisonne Ornament Card 3 Cloisonne Ornament Card 4

The background on these two cards was made using the Spirograph and Ocean Wave "Glimmer Mist" applied with a paint brush to make the swirl and then sprayed directly onto the background for the lighter effect.

This shows the difference between White cardstock and Ivory cardstock.

Cloisonne Ornament Card 4 Cloisonne Ornament Card 5

For the left hand card, the ornament stamps were glued directly to the Black glossy cardstock.

The for the right hand card, the ornaments shapes were glued to an Ivory cardstock. The background image was made in the Spirograph with Iridescent Gold "Glimmer Mist" added with a small paint brush.

Cloisonne Tree Card 10

The background for this card was done one White cardstock, sprayed directly with Green Tea "Glimmer Mist" while in the Spirograph.

I really hope you enjoyed these New Christmas Card Making ideas using some of the Michael Strong Cloisonne Stamps. I used to try to plan out my cards and try to figure out how many I will send, multiply that by all the elements I need, and then try to pull all of that together so I come out will all matching cards.

Now I just make the images, play with the backgrounds and put them together - not all alike, but each with its own personality. And so much more fun than all that calculating.

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