Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts

August Challenge - Me, Right Now!

The Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts for the August challenge will focus on Who we are Right Now!

We've chronicled and done journaling of our childhood, our ancestors, our work, our dreams in earlier layouts. This month, let's focus on our lives right now. In the years to come it will be great to look back and recall how we lived this year. What a wonderful resource - Your Book of Me.

Option #1 - MY SURROUNDINGS - At this point in your life, where do you spend your time? What does your house look like? How long have you lived there? What makes it special to you? What would you like to change about it? What have you changed about it?

What kind of car do you drive? Does it fit your personality?

Think about the region you live in. What brought you there? Describe the climate. What is the most enjoyable part about your surroundings?

Photo ideas: Your home, car, or workplace.


Option #2 - MY TYPICAL DAY - Wouldn't you love to know how your grandmother spent her days when she was your age? What time did she get up? Where did she go? What responsibilities did she have? Knowing these things helps us to identify with people so much better.

Share your typical day/week with your readers. Start with your wake-up time and include your responsibilities throughout the day. What is your favorite part of the day? Your least favorite?

Layout Idea: Recreate a calendar of your busy month to show the many responsibilities you have from week to week.

Photo ideas: Your craft room, kitchen, child's school, a soccer ball (if you're a soccer mom), workplace, household items.


Option #3 - PEOPLE IN MY LIFE - In a typical day, who are the people you spend the most time with? Co-workers, family members? Of course, if pets are a big part of your daily life, you might include them in this layout.

Photo and Layout ideas: Snapshots of co-workers, husband, children, pets, FedEx delivery guy or mail carrier!

What? Fed Ex Delivery Guy? Why would anyone want to do a scrapbook layout or journal about their Fed Ex delivery guy or their mail carrier? Well, those of us waiting for a shipment of one of our beloved monthly kits from Club Scrap ( are always waiting for and talking about our delivery person like a member of the family.

Ladies, your scrapbook needs humor, too. Add that to your Book-of-Me Scrapbook Layouts.

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