Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts

December Challenge - Special Holiday Memories

For the December and final challenge for the Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts, we are going to focus on those Special Holiday Memories. If you work this theme to it's fullest extent, you could come up with a complete Holiday Scrapbook that covers many years or how about the idea of a special Holiday Scrapbook each year.

Option #1 - WHAT FOODS DO YOU ASSOCIATE WITH THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS OR HANUKKAH? - Special cookies only made during November or December, cheese balls with party crackers, homemade fudge? Include family recipes, photos, and/or stories about the special people who made/make these foods each and every year.

Photo and Layout ideas: How about that special person making the special food or just photos of the food on the presentation plate. How about including the recipes themselves? Watch out, this may be the start of an entire favorite family recipes scrapbook.

Thanksgiving Scrapbook Layout

Is one of your Thanksgiving traditions having everyone at the table mention what they are Thankful for? Use a layout like this to journal on each of the tags what everyone has said or all the different things you are Thankful for yourself.


Option #2 - WHAT IS ONE (OR SOME) OF THE SIMPLE JOYS OF THE HOLIDAY SEASON that you like to savor to the fullest? - There are a few things about the holiday season that I just can't get enough of (other than homemade cookies - huge grin), but I especially adore the lights: tree lights, porch lights, candles. They make me glad we have early sunsets, just so I can enjoy the glimmer of lights in the darkness. What parts of the holidays warm your heart?

Photo and Layout ideas: photos of those special ornaments or displays that have been in your family for years or that started those special traditions.

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Option #3 - WHAT WAS THE BEST PART OF THE HOLIDAY AS A CHILD? - AND NOW? I've already mentioned the cookies and the lights, but the religious services and holiday movies also are special memories to me. For these Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts, do some reminiscing about your childhood and the traditions your family had; perhaps you are continuing them with your own children. Do you know how these traditions started?

Journaling Ideas: Isn't that something that you would like to document and journal about - to pass on to the next generation as well?

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Option #4 - DO YOU HAVE OR GO TO AN ANNUAL PARTY? I have friend who helps puts on an annual banquet for her employer. It's a rather large affair and each year work on some of the decorations together. For the last several years I have taken photos of the finished decorations and sometimes I take photos of us as we set up for our assembly line of making the centerpieces for the tables.

Journaling Ideas: For these Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts, I journal about what fun we have; what problems we encountered, what we liked the most about that particular year; what was easy and what was hard. It helps to have that journaling available when it comes time to plan the next event.

You could also journal about how you have changed over the years and your relationships with family, friends or co-workers have changed over the years. You could highlight your own accomplishments over the last year.


Option #5 - TREE DECORATIONS! For me, one of the Family Traditions that was reserved for me and my Dad, was putting up the Christmas Tree. Daddy was always such a perfectionist about getting the tree just right. We had certain ornaments that that were our favorites and each year we always collected a few new ones. So the tree got bigger and bigger and then we added another smaller tree in another room and that tree grew as well.

Journaling Ideas: For my Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts, mow that Daddy is gone, it is wonderful to read about all the fun we had with "The Tree". Sometimes we would reserve the second tree for all blue and white, or all red and green. One year it was all glittered Pine Cones and white lights. Another year it was Plaid Ribbons and Red Apples. But "The Tree" as it was affectionately called, was the Biggest and the Traditional one. As we worked on that one together, it always provided us with the ideas for the second tree.


Book of Me Scrapbook Layout Idea: You know, maybe this challenge will bring back an old tradition that you loved and miss. Old traditions can be tweaked a little and made into new ones. Start a holiday scrapbook or a family recipes scrapbook and add to it every year - you will cherish it.

Since this is the last of the challenge months in the Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts, go back around again and pick one of the scrapbook layout options you did not pick before. By now, this should be getting easier for you to include something about yourself in all of your scrapbooks.

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