Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts

October Challenge - Refresh

The Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts Challenge for October will focus on the Ways you Refresh Your Soul and Renew Your Strength.

When life's stresses get to you, what do you look to for refreshment and rejuvenation? Where would you rather be, and what would you rather be doing?

I have picked this month for the Refresh Challenge - the purpose is to get rid of a little stress this month in preparation for the oncoming holiday season. Focus on what you do that gives you a chance to recharge your batteries.

I hope you are finding that thinking hard about these Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts and challenges, even if you don't really do them, will help you focus on yourself for a while. This Book of Me Scrapbook Layout idea can be revealing and therapeutic while you are looking into yourself to complete these scrapbook layouts. Who Knew!

Option #1 - MY HOBBIES - We all share the hobby of scrapbooking, but, being creative people, there are undoubtedly other hobbies that we turn to as well. Create a layout about your hobbies, scrapbooking or otherwise, or even a collective layout of how your hobbies are related, even if bringing you joy and relaxation are their only common attributes.

What are your current hobbies? How important are they to you? How much time do you usually spend with your hobby/hobbies? How much space do you allocate to your pastimes? When you have more than one that you really enjoy, how do you decide which to do? Have they changed over the years? If so, how? Did you inherit any hobby or craft tools or materials from close family or friends?


Option #2 - MY RELAXATION - Let's face it, sometimes our hobbies seem more like work than relaxation. What do you do when you just want to sit still and let the world go by, even for a few minutes or a couple of hours? Do you unwind by curling up on the couch and watching movies or your favorite TV show? Or is music more your style and you listen to, or even play, music to soothe your soul.

Perhaps you prefer to be outdoors and you have a porch swing where you love to sit or a garden that you love to admire. Or do you let written words and your imagination take you away from the cares of the world?

Are there certain authors that you read? Why do you like them? Do you have an on-going Want to Read list? What is on it? Do you buy the books that you want to read or get them from the library? Do you save or collect books you have read or pass them on to others? Do you keep a list of the books you've read? Do you belong to a Book Club? How does it influence what you read? What have you read over the past year? What are you reading now? Where do you like to read? Do you subscribe to any magazines and/or do you buy them? Do you save them?


Option #3 - MY DAYDREAMS - Imagine the most idyllic, peaceful place on Earth. A place where life seems to be so relaxing, so blissfully perfect. Perhaps you have actually been to a place like this. Perhaps you have only seen it in travel magazines or TV shows, but yearn to find this beautiful location to see and feel it for yourself.

Book of Me Scrapbook Layout ideas: Find a photo in your vacation album, a magazine, or on the Internet, and journal about why this place looks so refreshing to you. What could you imagine yourself doing there?

Onward toward an entire Book of Me!

Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts
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