Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts

January (or First) Challenge - Who are You?

For the first set of Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts in the Book of Me challenge, this is a great place to start. It's simple, only states the facts, and does not start you off in an arrogant fashion.

Option #1 - MY NAME - This is a great way to start your Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts. How do you feel about your name? Why did your parents choose it? Do you go by a nickname and have a special story to tell about its origin? What does your name mean and does this meaning hold true for you?

Layout Idea: You may want to include a recent photo of you and use this as your title page.

One place to research your name is the website for Name Street USA. HOWEVER! You may only research TWO names for FREE! To research more than two requires a $9.95 registration fee. You may be able to find some other sites for name research.


Option #2 - MY ROLES - Daughter, sister, wife, mother, friend, scrapbooker, dog lover, cat lover, horse lover, etc., etc., etc. We all have so many roles in life! Perhaps you are a teacher or a doctor or a factory worker. Perhaps you are a gardener, a grandmother, a quilter. Did you follow in the footsteps of a Parent, Aunt or Uncle?

Which roles identify who you are? Make a layout featuring words and/or photos portraying the roles you think are most important.

Photo and Scrapbook Layout ideas: photos of you in the roles you are documenting and, if you followed another relative, photos of them as the inspiration.


Option #3 - MY PERSONALITY - How do you see yourself? Quiet and shy? Demanding and boisterous? Are you a party girl or a homebody or somewhere in between?

Scrapbook Layout Ideas: Think of words that describe who you are. One way to do this is to assign a word to each letter of the alphabet - this can take some doing, but it is worthwhile! It's OK just to have a layout with only journaling or lot's of mini titles.

Another way is to combine this with your “MY NAME” page and assign a word to each letter in your name or take the first letter of your name and find as many descriptive words that start with that letter. For some help with that, check out our A-B-C Scrapbooks and other sites that will give you some ideas.


Option #4 - MY RESOLUTIONS - Isn't this what the first of the year is all about? Could this just by the way to keep those resolutions that we all tend to make, if not verbally, at least in thought.

Scrapbook Layout Ideas: This could be another opportunity to just use journaling words. Maybe doing a two page layout, with your Personality Traits on the left side and on the right side use some key words that fit what you would like to do for the new year. This could even end up being a page that you could go to from time to time during the year just to reinforce your Resolutions. I am going to try this one, myself.

Here are my Scrapbooking Resolutions
for my Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts:
January Finish up my Albums from prior year
February Work on Winter Photo Shoot
March Air Force photos from Dayton and Savannah
April Family photos in honor of Mothers Day
May Trip to Bermuda
June Family photos in honor of Fathers Day
July Patriotic Themes, Fireworks, Summer Vacation
August Birthday Party and Book of Me update
September End of Summer Florals & Landscape Projects, Gardening & Canning projects, Recipe book for Gifts
October Military Themed items - Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Honor Flight Trip to DC
November Thanksgiving and Holiday Cards for Christmas
December Awards Banquet & Christmas, White House Christmas Photos, Festival of Lights

I know a lot of scrappers have page goals each year, but my goals are to actually complete these larger projects or themed books along with my day to day event scrapbooks.

I will have a few other resolutions of course, personal ones, work ones and family ones. Maybe, I will do a page about those as well in my Book of Me Scrapbook Layouts. Why not?

Good Luck and Happy Scrappin' for your Book of Me.

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