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I needed to do some Baby Scrapbook Layouts for a friend of mine, but decided to take a small twist with at least the first part of the book. I wanted to make the first part about the Baby's family - sort of a Family Tree version.

Prior to doing this, I looked at a number of Baby Scrapbook Layouts and found a lot that I liked, some of which I have copied here, but I did not see any that were Family Tree related.

Family Tree Scrapbook Ideas

These are The Family Tree Scrapbook Layouts I did, but I did not use any "Trees" in this album. I particularly wanted the Family Tree Theme as there are no photos of me with my grandparents and I would love to have something like this. Gift Album Tip: If you plan on presenting your Baby Scrapbook Album or Baby Shower Scrapbook to the mother at the Baby Shower, think about giving it at the beginning of the shower and then get some of the photos you will need for the book of the guests at the shower. If you let the hostess of the shower know ahead of time, you can use this as part of the shower activities. Ask ahead of time what games will be played so you can incorporate them into the Baby Scrapbook Layouts.

Baby Scrapbook Album Title Page Layout

This first page is all about the new Baby - in this case a baby girl. But all you have to do is change the color to Blue for a boy, or Yellow or Green if the sex of the baby is unknown.

I plan on printing a 5 x 7 photo of the Baby to fit this particular front cover page. The white matte is already there, cut just 1/2 inch larger than 5 x 7. for the Lacy Edge, I used my Martha Stewart's Loop Border Punches, but you could use any punch or a small piece of real lace.

The Background Paper from S.E.I. is Pink with Embossing and Flocking with words in a number of fonts - all referring to girls.

Embellishments used were from Jolee's, "It's a Girl" and 3 Small Balloon Stickers. Under the Balloons will be the baby's name in a Victorian Font, embossed in White to contrast with the background. Underneath are the baby's weight and length, and Place of Birth.


Baby and Mommy Scrapbook Page Layout Baby and Mommy Scrapbook Page Layout

Baby and Mommy Scrapbook Layouts

For the rest of the Baby Scrapbook Layouts for this Gift album I purchased a stack of Card Stock called Chocolate. It's a 12 x 12 paper pad with 48 coordinated sheets. There are 6 Glitter Papers, 6 Foil Papers, 20 Patterned Papers, and 16 Textured Papers. I also purchased a DCWV Mat Stack in Pastels which came with 87 sheets of 4.5 x 6.5 in various textured pastel colors of card stock. Gift Album Tip: I always try to use coordinated papers from a kit or a paper pad or stack if I am doing a themed or a gift album. It just makes the background go quicker and all the pages look like they are supposed to be in the same book.

These first 2 pages use a pink and purple floral and butterfly print on white. I cut Pink and White mattes and journaling blocks and rounded the corners for a softer look.

Embellishments used were the Jolee's cradle, and I cut and embellished 6 Butterflies from my Spellbinders. The Butterflies were then chalked with a purple chalk to match the background paper.

Baby Butterflies Scrapbook Embellishments An additional embellishment to the Butterflies - the flight path - was made using the Viva Paper Pen in Rose (they come in 8 colors) that I picked up from Michael Strong Rubber Stamps.

Michael introduced me to these at the Club Scrap Retreat in August 2010. Every time I use one of these, they lay down a perfectly round pearl drop - always the same size. All you have to do after that is to let them dry - I would suggest 12 hours before stacking my pages or putting them in sheet protectors

Journaling for the left page of these Baby Scrapbook Layouts is "Mikayla and Mommy" -- on the right page "Mikayla & Nana & Papa". The journaling was done in Victorian Font and in Purple to match the Butterflies and background paper. This gives the new mother a reminder to take photos with the new baby and each grandparent individually.



Baby and Daddy Scrapbook Page Layout Baby and Daddy Scrapbook Page Layout

Baby and Daddy Scrapbook Layouts

The Background for these Baby Scrapbook Layouts used a light brown and gray print, and mattes and journaling blocks cut from pink and gray. Since these were to be photos with Daddy, I thought the brown would look just a little better than all pink. The journal blocks were cut only on 2 corners with the Martha Stewart Loops Corner Punch. Only a little embellishment since this page is for Daddy.

Embellishments used were only the little Jolee's plaster cast replicas of the hands and feet imprints. My daddy cherished mine and kept them safe his entire life so that's why these are on the Daddy's page.

Journaling for the left page "Mikayla and Daddy" -- on the right page "Mikayla & Grand Dad & Grand Mom". The journaling was done in Victorian Font in Chocolate Brown to match the background paper. Journaling of course can be changed to put in the actual names for Baby and Grandparents.


Baby and Mommy Family Scrapbook Layout Baby and Mommy Family Scrapbook Layout

Baby and Mommy's Family Scrapbook Layouts

Additional Family Layouts for the Baby Scrapbook Layouts pages include Brothers and Sisters of the mother. Or these pages could be used for layouts of the baby shower scrapbook.

Background papers are a lacy pink and light brown, with lots of pink and white mattes. The main white matte is cut all the way around with the Martha Stewart around the page punch set Loops. The other mattes and journaling blocks were cut only on the corners.

Journaling for the left and right pages of these Baby Scrapbook Layouts are the same "Mikayla and more of Mommy's Family". The journaling was done in Victorian Font in Dark Brown to match the Background Paper. Journaling of course can be changed to put in the actual names for Baby, Aunts, Uncles or Cousins.


Baby and Daddy Family Scrapbook Layout Baby and Daddy Family Scrapbook Layout

Baby and Daddy's Family Scrapbook Layouts

The background papers for these Baby Scrapbook Layouts were a white and lime green circle patterned paper with lime green and white mattes. Not too frilly since these are for dad's family photos.

Embellishments are cut from the Spellbinders Edgealities called with Fern Foliage S4-098 and the Bunny. They were cut and Embossed, then chalked in a green to make the embossing show up.

Journaling for the left and right pages are the same "Mikayla and more of Daddy's Family". The journaling was done in Victorian Font in Dark Olive Green to match the Ribbon Embellishments and is nestled in and around the embossed embellishments. Journaling of course can be changed to put in the actual names for Baby and Grandparents.

Also, these would be great pages to put some photos of baby shower gifts received.


Baby Favorite Things Scrapbook Layout Baby Favorite Things Scrapbook Layout

Baby's Favorite Things Scrapbook Layouts

The background papers for these Baby Scrapbook Layouts were a bright pink and white subtle floral patterned paper. Both sheets came from a paper pack I picked up at WalMart by Best Occasions Punch Out Pack. The Colors in the pack of 40 papers are pink, lime green, orange and blue. There are also 3 sheets of various sized alpha die cuts to punch out in large shapes, circles and squares; 4 pages of tags, some with words and some blank; 3 pages of frames and border strips.

Embellishments on these Baby Scrapbook Layouts are silk flowers of pink and white roses and baby's breath from a silk flower stem I picked up to use on these pages. I cut the leaves off and took apart the flower to use the pieces. All flowers and leaves were attached to the pink brad in the center. Tip: If you can't find the flowers you want for a scrapbook page, silk flowers always work well. In fact they are my first choice. They always hold their shape and no matter how long they have been in the scrapbook, they always have some dimension. (I first put some on a layout about 25 years ago before all these great scrapbook products were available, and they still pop off the page and have not yellowed the paper.) Often they are less expensive than the scrapbook products as well.

The Journaling Block on the left says "My Favorite Things" as all babies have a favorite stuffed toy, blanket or binkie. Gift Album Tips: The frame on the right page is only attached to the page at the bottom with some glue and 2 of the brads that hold on the flowers. This way, the mother will be able to slide a 6 x 4 inch photo in behind the frame. A good thing to think about with a gift album.

Baby Favorite Things Scrapbook Layout Gift Album Tip: The layout on the right also has no journaling. That way, if mom doesn't have a portrait photo, she can turn the page on it's side and use a horizontal photo. Another thing to think about with a gift album.

_______________________________________ Gift Album Tip: If you are doing a gift album for someone who is not a scrapbooker, think about making all the photos mattes just the right size so the mother will not have to cut photos to fit. A new mother does not need any extra work.

Another Gift Album Tip: You also might want to label each photo matte with a sticky note as to what your ideas for the page were. Example: 5 x 7 photo of baby, 4 x 6 photo of mom with baby, dad with baby, grandparents, etc. It will make completing the scrapbook so much nicer for the inexperienced. Or Better Yet, be in a position to take the photos yourself and add them to the book for her.

One additional Gift Album Tip: Have a great Baby Scrapbook Layout page or two in your Gift Scrapbook Album that each Baby Shower guest can write advice for the new mother. Put a border around each page with rubber stamps, ribbon or stickers related to baby, and add journaling lines across the page. Or bring some blank photos mattes with you and have the guests write advice on those.

We hope these Baby Scrapbook Layouts have given you a few ideas for putting together some Family Tree Scrapbook Layouts for a new baby gift album.

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