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We have lots of Air Force Scrapbook Layouts posted on our site, from the Thunderbirds performances, to local Air Shows, Atlas Missile Lift Off, the Mighty 8th Air Force Museum and even have photos taken inside a B-17 while in flight. All the links for these are at the bottom of the page, but here we are looking for Air Force Layouts from our Readers.

I don't have the privilege of knowing anyone currently serving in the U S Air Force, but we'd like to have the opportunity to honor your special Air Force Hero here on these following pages. We even want to have events that our Air Force heroes participate it while deployed or while at their duty stations.

You will be helping my readers with great ideas, sharing your art work with other scrappin' enthusiasts and have your own page right here on We would also like your Air Force Cards and Embellishments as they can help our readers as well.

Once you post your layout, card or embellishment, we will set up a new page with your photo showing what products you used and any special processes you used. And, of course, we want to hear about that special hero. We will send you a link to that page. You can then send the link to your friends and family or anyone you want and have them make comments. We will also accept comments from other readers, and after 10 layouts or pages have been posted we will award a prize to the one with the most comments. At that point, you will be notified with an email and we will need your postal address to send your gift. By the way, you will have a selection of military scrapbook related gifts to choose from.

Thanks so much.

Have an Air Force Scrapbook Layout you would like to share?

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Whether its a Scrapbook Layout or a card with a Air Force theme, we'd love to showcase it on our website

8th Air Force Museum Scrapbook
Air Force Air Show
Air Force Scrapbook
Atlas Missile Scrapbook
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